WELCOME to more of the latest updates on the sporting and SYF results by our awesome CCAs! Let’s start the ball rolling on the achievements of our CCAs!

Performing Arts

Congratulations to Band for their awesome Distinction in their SYF!


Our Basketball guys have sailed through to the 2nd round, after defeating Meridian JC with a whooping 79-12! That’s the way guys 😀

The Basketball girls have showcased their awesome abilities as well, beating RI 37-16!

Our Floorball Girls did amazingly in their last match too, beating Innova JC 6-2!

In a thrilling match held right in Hwa Chong, the Softball girls beat VJC 4-3!!! WELL DONE GIRLS and thanks to all the supporters who went down to the sidefield ;D

Meanwhile, our Softball dudes completed their run with a commendable 4th placing, after losing to TPJC 3-0 in a nail-bitingly close match. Good job guys!

And they did it again! Our Netball girls have performed astoundingly once more in the second round of their competitions, in winning a match against CJC 72-22!

The Tennis girls fought valiantly and placed 3rd in their nationals by winning VJC 4-1! Good job girls, we’re really super proud of you 😀

Our Volleyball boys fought valiantly but unfortunately lost to NYJC 3-0. Nonetheless, GOOD JOB HCVB, YOU HAVE DONE US PROUD :’)) For those who did not manage to go down for the finals, stay tuned for the match report coming up soon!

We’d like to thank all CCAs for their hard work and effort in training and practicing to hone your skills. You’ve truly earned every single victory 😀  KEEP PUSHING ON AND FIGHTING, HC’s behind you all the way!


39th CCA PROs

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