In the blink of an eye, another week of sporting action has elapsed. Read on to find out how our athletes have done!


With lightning speed reflexes, both our male and female shuttlers outdid their opponents. The male team beat Meridian Junior College with a score of 3-2 while the girls won Pioneer Junior College with a 4-1 lead.


Our male and female basketball teams also did Hwa Chong proud! The boys triumphed over River Valley High School with an impressive 79-32 lead. The female basketballers played against National Junior College and Millennia Institute this week. The girls won both matches with the score being 53-29 and 71-15 respectively. The stellar performance of the female team earned them the ticket into the quarter finals. Well done!


The netball team played three games this week. With sheer determination and perseverance, they outdid their opponents by large margins! Here are the results:

HCI vs National Junior College        81-1
HCI vs Victoria Junior College         66-11
HCI vs Serangoon Junior College    68-13


Our softball did well too! After a close fight against River Valley High School, they lost narrowly  by a score of 13-8. Great effort!


With impeccable drives and dropshots, the male and female squash teams clinched the National 3rd Runners Up and 1st Runners Up titles respectively. Here are the scores:

A Boys: HCI vs Anglo-Chinese Junior College  2-3
A Girls:HCI vs Raffles Institution                       1-4

Touch Rugby

The touch rugby girls braved dives and scratches to win both their games this week. The scores are as follow:

HCI vs Saint Andrew’s Junior College  2-1
HCI vs Serangoon Junior College        4-0


Both the male and female volleyball teams played three games this week. Despite the rigour, both teams dominated all their games and even managed to enter the semi-finals! Great job!

Here are the results:

A Boys
HCI vs River Valley High School  2-0
HCI vs Anglo-Chinese Junior College  2-0
HCI vs Dunman High School  2-1

A Girls
HCI vs Catholic Junior College  2-0
HCI vs Anderson Junior College  2-1
HCI vs Anglo-Chinese Junior College  2-0

All the best to the rest of the CCAs who are still in the midst of their seasons!

40th CCA PROs

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