Our CCAs have continued their remarkable performance at the national level, showing the other schools just who’s boss! Here’s a recap of what transpired in the past week:

Performing Arts

Many of our awesome CCAs reaped the fruits of their hard work, impressing the judges down at the biannual SYF and bagging numerous awards!

Huang Cheng obtained an admirable distinction for their SYF! To catch more of Huang Cheng in action, do look out for their performance at UCC, with their first show starting on 10th May.

Also, congratulations to HC Chinese Orchestra for achieving a Distinction in SYF. Their passion and dedication is really commendable!


In a smashing match, our Badminton guys team won SAJC 4-1! ^^

Our Basketball boys proved themselves to be formidable forces, easing past Tampines JC 99-28, and netted a 79-20+victory against MI, their strongest opponent in the group. What a ballsy and stunning performance!

Our Basketball Girls have also stormed their way through their matches, recently beating Dunman high 70-19. Keep a lookout for them as they battle RI on 6th May, and ACJC on 14th! All the best girls!

We’re bowled over by the amazing victories of our HC Bowling Team as well! Congratulations to Siang Min (12S6A), Kylee (13S60) and Yi Kuan (13S6H) in attaining national 3rd, 4th and 7th respectively. Also, they came in 6th in overall team for both genders. Good job! 😀

Our Floorball boys celebrated a resounding 3-2 victory over YJC! Keep it up the good work guys!

Our beastly Netball girls continued their winning streak, beating VJC 110-11 and then going on to trump SRJC 91-12 in a blink of an eye!

Our Softball girls batted an 11-0 victory against NJC! Continue swinging hard girls! (:

Our Tennis guys fought a close and titillating match, but lost 1-4 to ACJC in the quarterfinals. Well done guys for having come this far!

Meanwhile, our Tennis girls sailed to their quarter-finals with a 4-1 victory against TPJC, but lost 3-2 to AC. All the best to them as they fight it out against VJC in the 3rd/4th playoffs! Go get ’em!

Our Squash boys lost 1-4 to become National 4th, but they put in their very best and went down fighting. Good job, you’ve done us proud ^^

And YES OUR SQUASH GIRLS ARE CHAMPIONS! Good job girls! We’re immensely proud of you!

Our Volleyball girls obtained a commendable 4th placing, after losing 3-1 to VJC. Good job girls and thank you for fighting so hard thus far!

Our Volleyball dudes are in the finals, after defeating Anderson JC 3-2. Look out for the sure-to-be-exciting Finals on 08/05, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss that!


We’re supremely proud of all CCAs for their dedication and hours spent training hard. You guys are simply spectacular! Jiayou guys! Keep fighting hard and let’s show Singapore our true Hwa Chong spirit!

Until next week,

39th CCA PROs

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