The Volleyball Boys’ Team emerged as the First Runners-Up in the Finals on 9 May 2017. To find out more about the Team, and their months-long journey leading up to the conclusion of the Finals, the Students’ Council set out to interview the Team Captain, Wilson Ng Rui Feng.

  1. What was the proudest moment you felt through this journey?
    “The proudest moment I felt was when our team defeated one our strongest opponents ACJC in the last match of our group stages 3-0 to emerge as first in our group during the quarter finals stages. I was very pleased with that victory as our team’s tactics to counter them were all well executed and worked extremely well, which caused our hard work in training to pay off. Also, that day highlighted the strength of our teamwork and gave us a huge confident boost and affirmation of our skills as we move on to the semis.”
  2. At the same time, what were some challenges your team faced and how did your team manage to overcome them?

“Some challenges our team faced in the initial stages of the preparation for A divisions was the lack of team unity and closeness among members. Fortunately we had an amazing overseas trip which greatly bonded our team through having fun, being close together for prolonged periods of time and fighting alongside side each other and having each others’ back in a foreign ground. This greatly boosted our team bonding and sparked off the path for a more united team. As we came back to Singapore, we became much closer to each other as we move closer to the finals preparations for our competition.”

  1. Do you have any advice for your juniors?

“Some advice I have for my juniors would be to really love the sport and develop intense passion for it. Always give your 100% in training and execute every motion with an intent and not just do it for the sake of it. Aim to be the very best and always compare yourself to those who are better. Care more about each and every member of the team and help to bring out the best in all your teammates. Brotherhood is essential in every successful team, develop the ability to make everyone comfortable with you in the team, joke and fool around more with everyone, genuinely care for them and offer help when they are in need and treat them like comrades. And most importantly, make all the tough training and gym sessions fun and less painful by talking nonsense and joking around appropriately.”

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