After overcoming tough rivals in the lead-up to the final, our Volleyball Boys were eager to put up a strong fight against their their opponents, VJC, in search of the championship title last won in 2012. Nevertheless, kudos to the excellent effort by our Volleyball Boys who emerged 1st Runners-Up! Also, congratulations to the Volleyball Girls for winning their 3rd/4th play-offs the week before, emerging as 2nd Runners-Up!



Volleyball matches are played to the best of 5 games, with the first team to win 3 out of 5 sets winning the match! The first 4 sets are played to 25 points each, while the last set (to be played in the event of a 2-2 tie overall) is played to 15 points.

  • Ace: A serve which lands in the receiving team’s court without being touched by the receiving team, or one that is touched by only one member of the receiving team, and is not passed legally back over the net.
  • Dig: A defensive contact following an opponent’s attack resulting in a playable ball.
  • Double: A fault in which a player contacts the ball with two body parts consecutively.
  • Dump: When an opponent uses a soft hit by the net instead of a spike so as to throw off the other team.
  • Free ball: A ball that is passed over the net because an attack wasn’t possible.
  • Spike: When an offensive player attacks the ball with a one-arm motion done over the head, attempting to score.
  • Cut Shot: This is a spike that is hit at a very sharp angle from the hitter’s strong side.
  • Block: When one, two or three players jump in front of the opposing spiker with their arms raised to prevent the ball from coming over to their side of the court.


The Team

#1 Marc Lee 15S66

#2 Ethan Goh 15S73

#3 Ryan Tay 14S6D

#4 Ong Yi Kai 14S6N

#6 Tin Wei Heng 14S67

#7 Anthony Low 14S6F

#8 Zamir Lim 15S67

#9 Bob Lin An 15S6D

#10 Tan Jiong Han 15S68

#12 Chan Hong Kit 14S65

#13 Chang Chun-chuan 14S68

#14 Lee Han Bin 15S6D

#17 Tan Mingzhuang, Jovian 14S6A

#18 Lee Xuan Hong 15S69



The first set opened with our boys advancing quickly to a 5-2 lead. With Jovian’s spike and fine blocks that countered spikes by VJC players, our boys managed to maintain their lead and gaining consecutive points before the first technical timeout, bringing the score to 8-2. After the timeout, the pace of the game intensified as VJC began to chase after our lead, executing powerful spikes which were out of our reach. However, our boys remained focused and spikes by Marc and Jiong Han ensured that the score remained in our favour at 13-10. VJC continued to narrow the gap in points, with both teams increasing the accuracy of their spikes. Marc’s right-wing spike kept our narrow 1-point lead at 17-16. Nonetheless, our opponents’ challenging hits forced our boys to commit errors, with the score at 18-18 before the second timeout. After successful spikes by Wei Heng and Jiong Han, our boys managed to increase our lead once again, and our boys won the first set 25-22 with an awesome spike by Wei Heng. Well done, boys!


Determined to continue their good form from the first set, our boys got off to an excellent start in the second set as well, racing into the lead at 2-0. However, VJC continued to challenge our lead with their fierce spikes, and they managed to reduce our lead to a draw at 4-4. Our boys followed up with relentless play by Marc and Jovian, as well as Zamir, who made it difficult for the VJC players to score. Zamir, in particular, repeatedly evaded our opponent’s best defences and allowed us to regain our lead at 8-6. While our boys attempted to create multiple options for setting of the ball, they faced difficulties in overcoming an improved VJC defence who continued to block and played efficient counter-attacks. The comeback made by VJC continued till the first timeout for the set, with VJC having the score 11-8 in their favour. VJC continued to advance, but our boys certainly did not give up on their chances and constantly encouraged each other after each point lost to VJC. Unfortunately, VJC remained impressive in their offence and appeared to be in complete control, rallying for 6 straight points to 17-8. The second timeout, however, proved to be a turning point as our boys quickly raised the momentum of their game, with Wei Heng and Jovian leading the way through hammering cross-court spikes. The game continued on a point-by-point basis, as the margin remained at 8 or 9 points. Jovian delivered powerful spikes consecutively, bringing the score to 21-12. Yet, VJC were admittedly more consistent in their play, as they reached match point at 24-13, and with Marc’s spike deemed offside, VJC closed out the spectacular battle in the second set with a score of 25-13.


The game continued with an extremely nerve-wrecking third set, as both schools relentlessly fought for victory in the third set. VJC had initially built a 5-1 advantage, with several well-executed strikes which caught our players off guard. However, the team remained on their toes and did not lose momentum, attempting to close this lead by outwitting their opponents. Sure enough, our boys scored 2 points thereafter, with Jovian delivering an impressive spike which the VJC players could not return. The next phase of the set was extremely exciting, as Zamir and Hong Kit executed impressive digs and defensive strokes which sparked hope in our supporters as the score margin narrowed to 10-12. However, VJC was not to be trifled with as they fought on harder, and despite remarkable attempts by Wei Heng and Zamir to deliver some solid spikes and cut shots, the score stood at 15-21, with VJC only requiring a mere 5 points to win the set. Our players fought on nevertheless, and we saw Marc successfully delivering a block, preventing the ball from going over to their side of the net, bringing the score to 22-15. Not even till match point, when the score stood at 24-17, did our players give up. Jiong Han delivered an impressive spike, and Wei Heng managed a successful block, scoring a point each for the team and bringing the score to 24-19. However, VJC managed to score the last point with an admirable spike, which our team could not return. It was a close fight and kudos to the team for playing their best!


Our Volleyball Boys remained calm in the crucial moments of the fourth set, starting off with an impressive spike by Zamir followed by some splendid defensive tactics on the team’s part, giving our boys a 2-0 lead. However, VJC caught up soon after, due to a series of unforced errors, levelling the score to 2-2. The game continued on a point-by-point basis, with both teams hot on each other heels, with each team determined to emerge victorious over the other. We saw several heart-stopping tactics by our players, including a point scored by BOTH Zamir and Hong Kit diving to dig the ball, and Jiong Han delivering an impressive spike over the net, bringing the score to 6-7! The tie continued until 17-17, where VJC started to widen the point margin, executing fast-paced spikes and strategic defensive strokes. However, our Boys remained undeterred. Wei Heng managed to block an unexpected spike delivered by the opponent team and a very crucial point in the game, and thereafter, Jovian successfully spiked the ball, catching the opponents off-guard and scoring a point, bringing the score to 18-20. Jovian and Marc also managed to execute a series of fierce fast-tempo spikes soon after, scoring a point each and bringing the score to 21-23. At match point, our Boys did not give up, and Jovian delivered a relentless spike which brought the score to 22-24. However, VJC managed to retain a stronghold on the game, eventually concluding the match at 22-25. Good job to our Volleyball Boys for fighting all the way, displaying commendable team spirit and camaraderie!


At the end of it all, we may not have emerged winners, but the effort our boys put in was admirable, and they certainly won in spirit, determination and mental fortitude. Well done Volleyball Boys, thank you for giving your very best!

Well done Boys!

Well done Boys!


41st CCA PROs

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