Hey Hwa Chong!

It’s the middle of the year – the time for transition and the season of changeovers. And it’s another time of the year for banner painting again!

For many of us, the Banner Painting Area is not unfamiliar to us, especially for those who have endlessly toiled away to realise our artistic imagination in paint.

Whether the BPA has become your frequent refuge, or whether it is the first time you are setting foot on this sanctum, the 41st PubCo has much in store to reinvigorate your BPA experience!

Neat, chic posters as friendly reminders to leave your wet banners at the side to dry, as well as to store your used paintbrushes and containers!




A cute, dainty box eager to gorge itself with the used paintbrushes and containers you are kind enough to donate, and to safely store them before you return the next day to continue painting!


If you need any guidance to be initiated into the realm of banner painting, or just need the spark of inspiration to open the floodgates of your imagination, do visit our Art Repository at our Art tab: http://hcunite.com/art/

Do also visit our banner archive at our Art Repo to take a look at the crystallisation of the efforts of our past batches, and to strive towards the goal of any self-respecting banner painter – to create the best and most awe-inspiring banner in the history of the Central / Inner Plaza!

Banner painting is the embodiment of our Hwa Chong culture of doing everything by hand, to demonstrate our visceral love for all that we do in its most tangible form. The 41st Art Directors will like to wish you all the best on your arduous but deeply gratifying journey towards artistic mastery! ^_^

With love,
Your friendly ADs

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