On 28 April 2017, our Track and Field Team made history. After a long struggle of 15 years, the team finally managed to sweep the championship titles in all 4 divisions. In a wide-ranging interview with the Students’ Council, the Team Captains, Randall Choo and Natasha Weers, share their thoughts about the results and their hopes for future batches of athletes.

1) What are some interesting experiences from the competition itself that you would like to share?

“For the championships, each school was permitted three entries per event. We had one empty slot for the 110m Hurdles event. To fill the slot, we entered a long jumper, Zachary Lau, in the event, hoping that he would somehow make the Finals and gain more points for Team Hwa Chong. Zachary had zero hurdling experience, but after five days of training, he ran his heart out in the heats and managed to qualify in 8th place for the Finals – a truly miraculous result. Kudos to Zach!”

2) Are you confident that the juniors will be able to keep up the Team’s tradition of excellence?

“Yes, I am. The juniors showed heart and spirit throughout the course of the championships, and in the months leading up to it as well. Furthermore, more than half of those competing this year were J1s. With this year’s taste of victory, I am confident that the hunger to defend our Division titles will show next year.”

3) What advice would you like to give to the juniors who will be taking over leadership of the Track and Field Team?

“Instead of blindly focusing on how to lead the team to victory, look inwards and ask yourselves why the victory is worth fighting for, why we put in hundreds of hours of pain every year for the nationals season. Without drive and purpose, no plan put into action will be executed well.”

4) Who would the Team like to thank?

“First and foremost, we would like to thank our subject teachers for being so supportive of us. With the championships spanning over the course of a whole month, athletes tended to miss a lot of lessons, but our teachers were patient and understanding.

We would also like to thank our teacher-in-charge Mr Lee, for motivating us before the championships, and also the supporters who came down to the stadium to cheer and spur the competitors on!”

5) What legacy do you think your batch has left behind for the Track and Field Team?

“I think we have left behind a legacy of resilience. We may be the batch that failed to regain the B Division title in 2015, but we are also the batch that won all 4 Divisions this year.”

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