Pictured above is the Executive Committee of the Touch Rugby Team. Both the Captain Natalie Ong (first row; left) and Vice-Captain Claudine Tan (first row; right) are pictured.

Hwa Chong Touch Rugby is another team that has made history in this year’s National School Games. On 26 April 2017, they competed against the Serangoon JC Team in the latter’s homeground. The Serangoon JC Team had dominated the sport for the past 7 years, but Team Hwa Chong rose up against the odds to break their streak, securing the championship trophy.

To find out how the team achieved such a feat, the Students’ Council set out to interview Natalie and Claudine.

1) What were some of the challenges the Team faced? How did you overcome these, eventually securing our first championship title in 7 years?

“The journey that led us to this championship title after a 7 year dought was not an easy one. Given the nature of the sport, quite a number of our teammates sustained injuries just before and also during the league itself.

Though we knew very well that this could have an effect on our performance, the strong support we had for one another allowed us to keep our morale high throughout the league.”

2) What would you like to say to your teammates or juniors?

“This whole journey was a lot more than just the four weeks of league. It stretched all the way back to April last year, through all the trainings in the sun, in the rain, in the hall, in the AOA, and in the inner plaza. While some just see us as two lines of six running up and down the field, we know that behind each drive is months of repeating the drill, abrasions from the dives, and an understanding we have forged through sweat and blood and shouts across the field. Through it all we have come to know one another as family, and the team as home. It has been an honour playing alongside all of you. We will not have it any other way!”

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