inventionsFrom small improvements to addition of mega structures; from the possible to the unrealistically creative; from the hilarious to those that are downright dead-serious — here are the top 5 inventions that should be in our beloved Hwach campus!



Ever felt a craving for high school noodles, but was too reluctant to walk all the way from JC side to high school canteen? I know I have, especially on Tuesdays, for it is the day my stomach is fated to meet a beloved bowl of high school pai gu mien in a beautiful fashion analogous to a solar eclipse. The high school – JC flying fox, once successfully implemented, will take us to and fro two sides of the school in a fast and adventurous way such that the days of us trekking through the science lab jungles will finally be over!



The benefit of having a big and tall campus is that it is… well, big and tall. It’s disadvantage is that you have to 行万里路 just to reach certain locations, not to mention climb up seemingly insurmountable flights of stairs. The gruelling journey of going upwards by stairs is one that is hard to avoid but the journey back down, we can make it easier and more fun. The solution is of course an elaborate system of slides that will take us to our desired location anytime, anywhere. All we have to do is to step inside the master-room, possibly located on one of the classrooms on the fourth floor, choose the correct slide inlet that leads to the place we want to go, and the rest, as they say, is hist… I mean gravity ahem. Perhaps, on the way down, we can experience the feeling of being born again!!



The third invention is one that is less grand than others, but just as useful. We bring you guys, the coffee-cooler, the not-so-distant brother of the water cooler! For many ordinary minds like us who are stuck in this hectic system, coffee, more often than not, becomes a necessity more than a luxury so that we can be kept awake in class. This invention will empower you to do just that. When you are feeling fatigue, simply fill your water bottle with ice kopi-o dispensed from the coffee cooler and keep mugging!



They say laughter is the best medicine. It’s true, and everyone should have a hearty laugh or two everyday, despite what troubles they may have experienced throughout the day. Thus, we bring you, the Laughter Room. The Laughter Room is a room constantly pumped full of laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, which will stimulate our humorous side and tickle our ribs. Simply pop by, enter the room, and start laughing! Those that can laugh on their own without laughing gas, I guess y’all can just join in anyway and get the hahaha going! Alternatively, we can have a squeaky room filled with helium gas to satiate the inner Mickey Mouse that we all have (I hope)!



Last but not least, we bring you the Lightbulb Club, where the exponentially increasing number of non-singles in whiting have rendered the congregation of single individuals, necessary. Within this association, we will plan for “ready to mingle” activities like parties, bound to ensure that your light bulb days are over.



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