Hey C2s,

A LEVELS ARE OVER (for most of us)! For those who still have the H3 papers to take down, jiayou and you’re almost through to the end!

If you have finished your papers and have no further use for your text books, assessment books, subject notes, calculators and school uniforms, do donate them to the Green Council by leaving them in the boxes outside Chill and the Reading Room, as per the message from Green Council. We will not be collecting since they are already doing so, so do support them (it’s for a good cause of generating proceeds for the Hwa Chong Needy Pupils Fund) instead of letting your used materials go to waste! (:


The “Pass-it-On” Initiative

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Jia Xin · December 22, 2015 at 8:39 pm

Hi, I am a senior looking to donate notes. May I know until when the collection boxes will be there? Thanks!

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