Dear C2s,


No use for your text books, assessment books and subject notes after A levels? Instead of chucking all the papers into the dustbin or setting them all on fire, why not do something meaningful with it?


Through this “Pass-it-On” initiative, we hope to give these books and notes “new life” by passing them on to the junior batches who will be studying the same content. A drop-off booth will be set up outside Chill@HC from 27 November 2015 (Fri) to 30 December 2015 (Wed), where you can simply deposit your used books and notes for re-distribution to the juniors the following year! The “Pass-it-On” team will also be collecting any academic materials you may not have any further use for at the Senior Promenade 2015 on 7 December 2015 (Mon), to save you the trouble of going back to school again. If you would like to donate but cannot find a way to do so via the first two collection methods, do contact Danyon Low (14A14) at or 97243883 and an alternative may be possible!


In January 2016, these used books will be sold to the current C1s below the market price and kept affordable for them, in order to enable them to save costs when it comes to assessment books and other materials for revision. Additionally, all profits made from this project will go to the Hwa Chong Needy Pupils Fund, to support students from disadvantaged family backgrounds!


So why not just hold on to those notes and books for a little while longer after your exams end, and donate them to a good cause instead of tossing them in the bin? We look forward to your active participation!


All the best for As (:



The “Pass-it-On” Initiative



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