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Game: Cluedo

Where: Loan from Council Welfare Room (open 3 to 6 pm from Mon – Fri)

$5 deposit required, return by 6pm the same day

Cluedo (or Clue, if you’re of the American inclination) is a murder mystery game for 3 to 6 players. Players take turns moving from room to room on the board, making a guess at the murder weapon, murderer and the room the crime was committed in (the room you’re making the guess in). You then move the weapon and murderer’s token into the room, then other players (starting with the one on your left) must show cards that disprove your suggestion. If there’s no one who can show a card, they can then make an accusation of how the murder happened, then check the envelope in the middle of the board. Objective: Get the accusation right. It’s actually pretty simple: if you’d like the full rules, there’s a PDF here!

Seems pretty luck-based, doesn’t it? Not necessarily. Here’s a few tips and tricks for the game…

The Detective’s Handbook – How to Win at Cluedo

  1. Sloth is a virtue – move as little as possible

A lazy detective is often a good detective, as it turns out – every turn you spend moving is a turn you’re not making guesses and eliminating possibilities. So, how do you save precious kinetic energy in this game?

Into the kitchen, out of the kitchen. Into the kitchen, out of the kitchen.

Here’s the deal – you can make a guess every time you enter a new room, which includes through secret passages! Ergo, the Kitchen / Study and Lounge / Conservatory should get you a guess every turn (assuming nobody else has those cards). The Lounge and Conservatory are especially useful, as it’s three steps away from the Ballroom and Hall respectively, which is the closest any room is to another. Do note you can’t go out and come back into the same room on the same turn, though.

  1. The Art of Subterfuge

You can’t cheat in this game. But you can guess on cards that are already in your hand – i.e. those that you already know are true. (This might seem obvious to some, but it’s a rule that many newer players happen to overlook!) For example, if you already have the Conservatory card, you ARE allowed to guess Mr Green in the Conservatory with the wrench.

“Heh, just joking. I mean, I knew that wasn’t possible from the start, so…”

This is pretty useful for tricking out your opponent into thinking the card is right, or for rooms that you’re already in, which works pretty well when you’re…

  1. Badgering the witness

Warning: This strategy is kind of unfair, and unlikely to win you any friends, or win you the game, for that matter. But if you’re trying to prevent someone from reaching a particular room, this is great. Just don’t blame us for any destroyed friendships.

Any detective worth their salt knows how to interrogate a witness until the truth is squeezed out. A simple strategy, this trick involves you having the card of the room you’re suspecting someone in. Then, to sabotage the person to your immediate right, accuse that person (say, Mr Green) in the room you’re in (say, the Billiard Room), with a weapon of your choice. Even if someone can prove you wrong, Mr Green would still have to be dragged all the way to the Billiard Room for questioning away from whatever room he was trying to get to. And if he tries to make a guess in your room, that’s fine too – just show him your Billiard Room card and repeat ad nauseam!

Get over here!

  1. The pen is mightier than random guesswork

The little checklist that’s included in every set of Cluedo? That’s not enough. To really min-max this game, you need to make a list of literally everything – who suspects what, who can or cannot show a card to a suspecting, even where people make their guesses in. If you record everything, you can often solve the murder by turn 3 or 4 by sheer deduction! How to do it? Well, that’s up to you to find out.

Final Musings

  • Too easy for you all? Try playing the game without anyone writing anything down and it becomes a really intense memory game.

That’s all! If you enjoyed this, join is again next week for some Risky business…

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