On the night of 30th August 2014, Hwa Chong celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival, which has become an inseparable element in our school’s tradition. This event saw thousands of alumni, parents, teachers and students, generations of past and present, come together for a night of reunion and reminiscence.

Dancing in the moonlight

Dancing in the moonlight

The highly anticipated Grand Light Up was certainly the highlight of the event. As we observed each lantern illuminate the sky with impeccable precision, and the light of the fireball pierced through the darkness, the Central Plaza was suffused with effulgent warmth that brought back golden memories.

Like a lantern in the dark

Fire and light

The night ended on a high note under the spectacular night sky as we sang, danced and cheered along to the familiar lyrics, moves and chants that has enchanted and impassioned so many before us.

The school spirit embodied

The spirit of song, dance and cheer

A big Thank You to all who have contributed to MAF 2014 in one way or another such that we could successfully pull it off. We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who came down to attend MAF this year.

We hope that everyone has enjoyed the event, a night when the Hwa Chong spirit burnt strongly within all. Do anticipate MAF 2015 and we hope you look forward to the other events that the 41st Students’ Council is organizing.

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