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We are nearing the time of the year again – Teachers’ Day! What can you expect from this year’s Teachers’ Day Celebrations, as we thank our teachers, for their Energy, their Enthusiasm, Everything they do for us?



This year’s celebrations, themed #TYFE (a.k.a. Thank You For Everything), will be held on 4 September 2014, Thursday at Chengyi Auditorium, from 8.30am to 10.15am. A string of entertaining performances will be prepared for you, starring the String Orchestra, Guitar Ensemble, Taekwando, and more!


Wacky Teachers’ Day

Does any teacher come to your mind when someone mentions the best dressed male teacher? The best dressed female teacher? Or the coolest teacher?


Do nominate your teacher for this year’s Wacky Teachers’ Award! The awards up for grabs are:


– #MrSwag (Best dressed male)

– #MsSwag (Best dressed female)

– #qotd (Teacher with the most memorable quote/catchphrase)

– #yolo (Teacher who has bucked the trend and dares veer away from the tried and tested paths to engage with the students)

– #hipster (The coolest teacher)


Nominate your teachers now at http://tinyurl.com/hcmwta now!


Teaser Video


Want to find ways and means to Thank Your teacher For Everything? Check out our teaser video!


<embed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3W97ynkunsI&feature=youtu.be>


Thank you to all our friends who we featured in our video! (:


We would not be the person we are without the guidance of our teachers. There are so many teachers we have to thank for so many different things. Teachers’ Day is a perfect occasion for you to show your appreciation and gratitude to our dearest mentors. Seize the opportunity to do so!


See you at Teachers’ Day Celebrations 2014, #TYFE, on 4 September 2014, Chengyi Auditorium from 8.30am to 10.15am!


Teachers' Day Logo 2014


Thank You For Everything!


Lots of Love,

41st Students’ Council

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