The Hwa Chong Tennis Girls’ Team emerged as the First Runners-Up in the National School Games Finals on 4th May 2017. To find out more about the Team, and their months-long journey leading up to the conclusion of the Finals, the Students’ Council set out to interview the Team Captain and Vice-Captain, Kathleen Quah and Ting Wei Sea, Mavis.

  1. What is a memorable moment during the whole journey?

“The most memorable moment must have been during the semifinals, when we were tied 2-2 with ACJC and fighting for the last deciding point. We cheered on our player as a team and when we finally secured the victory, ran into the court and celebrated as a team. That feeling of camaraderie is one we won’t forget.”

  1. What kind of legacy do you think you’ve left behind?

“We were really not expecting such stellar results this year. We trained hard and did our best, and our hard work really paid off. In the finals, we were up against Raffles, the team that had a 9 year Championship title streak. Instead of being daunted, we faced the challenge head on and played with confidence and to the best of our ability. The ability to strive in the face of tough opposition is something that we hope will continue in our junior batch and the batches to come.”

  1. Who does the team like to thank?

“Our team would like to thank our coaches, Coach Sharin and Coach Aslam, for their guidance and direction and for always believing in us! We’d also like to thank our teacher-in-charge, Mr. Joshua Teo, for his advice and support throughout our nationals journey 🙂 Last but not least, here’s a shoutout to the whole team for sticking together through all our ups and downs and for always putting in their 100% 💓”   

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