This year, our theme is Teachers, Inc. – inspired by the wildly popular film, “Monsters, Inc.” from Pixar. Contrary to popular belief, teachers are not all about intimidation and fear, especially when it comes to incomplete tutorials or substandard test results. Rather, we often fail to see the teachers’ livelier side beyond the classroom, where they indeed excel in what they believe in: nurturing a student’s potential to the best of their ability.


What can you do to show your appreciation to teachers this year? The 42nd Students’ Council is bringing back Flower Sales this year, with attractive price bundles! Giving flowers to teachers is always a sure, fail-proof way of making their day – versatile and vibrant, they represent our gratitude with a personalised touch that is indeed extremely attractive. Having said that, Teachers’ Day is not entirely about getting the most extravagant or luxurious gift for your teachers. A simple photo (at our cute photo booth) with a personalised message will put a smile on their face! What better way to showcase your love for your teachers than to spread it publicly on social media with #teachersinc?


On the day of the celebration itself, you can expect to be thoroughly entertained. As you step into the beautifully decorated Auditorium with our blue-and-white theme abound, expect a variety of performances waiting to amaze you after weeks and months of hard work. Enjoy items from MAD, Strings Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, bands, 42nd HCSC, and our very own new teachers!


Imagine this – our teachers work tirelessly all year round to ensure we receive the best education, and to prepare us sufficiently as we venture to the world outside, yet an opportunity like this for us to thank them in collective celebration as one Hwa Chong comes only once a year. We hope this opportunity will not go to waste; do look forward to this exciting event we have prepared and remember to give your thanks to these under-appreciated role models in our lives.


Han Zi Ding, Chairperson of Teachers’ Day Committee 2015



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