Hello everyone!

Are you ready for the final showdown between the Tavengers and Procastina-Thor that will take place on 31st August, 8.30am in the Auditorium? Here is a recap of the theme for Teachers’ Day 2012:

Also, remember to take a look at the various power ups that can supply energy to our Tavengers:

1) Flowers (single roses and bouquets):

2) Cards:

3)  Chill @ HC’s vouchers

The Teachers’ Day Committee will be setting up a booth outside the Auditorium on 31st August for the sale of roses (Red and pink) from 7am onwards. The nicely wrapped roses are priced at $2 per stalk and there are limited stocks left so remember to come down to the booth early! 😀

Besides this, don’t forget our Hulk Standie! Snap a shot with it before it runs away!

Thank you and do look forward to Teachers’ Day 2012!

Proudly brought to you by the
39th Students’ Council
Teachers’ Day Committee


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