“There was an idea. […] The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more. See if they could work together when we needed them to to fight the battles we never could.”

When Nick Fury said this, he was referring to the Avengers, but this could just as easily be applied to our teachers. Our noble educators are always there for us — be it last-minute consults, or even sweet lullabies during lectures. Undoubtedly, our teachers have done a lot for us. In recognition of their tireless guidance and constant encouragement, this year, we showed our gratitude to our beloved Avenchers on the 30th of August, with exhilarating performances from various students and CCA groups.


To set the tone for the event, our very own String Ensemble presented an enchanting medley — including an original composition specially written for the teachers. Refusing to be outdone, Hwa Chong’s Guitar Ensemble performed 2 enthralling pieces in a breathtaking showcase of skill.

This year, the Taekwondo team also “broke” their limits and “smashed” everyone’s expectations with their jaw-dropping stunts, successfully pulling off their action-packed routine.

Above: Lian Kay Xuan (18S7H), Feline Yeo (18S72), and Loretta Chen (18A10)

Above: Lee Jia Ying (18S62)







Just like how no Marvel movie is complete without a Stan Lee cameo, no Teachers’ Day celebration is complete without our very own Hwa Chong talents. This year, four students valiantly took up the challenge to put up a brilliant performance for their batchmates.






On this special occasion, how could we forget our wonderful Avenchers? To acknowledge our teachers’ year-long efforts, the Wacky Teacher Awards were presented to the Most Youthful, Strongest, Most Captivating, Most Down to Earth, and Most Charismatic teachers, following a rigorous voting process by the students. The Most Caring Teacher Award was also presented to five teachers, in recognition of their constant care and concern for their students. This year, the Florentina Maria Widodo Award was awarded to Miss Charlene Teh Kai Ling, for being an outstanding teacher who leads, cares, and inspires, embodying the desirable traits of a premium Hwa Chong educator.

As usual, MAD did not disappoint as they pulled off yet another amazingly synchronised,  high-octane performance with incredible coordination.

In a Dora-the-Explorer-esque game show, Thanos enlisted the audience’s help in identifying teachers from their childhood photos. Who would have known that our teachers were once little too?

As a way of being inducted into the Hwa Chong family, the new teachers put up a hilarious and relatable skit, which sought to celebrate students’ idiosyncrasies.

To end the day, the entire C1 cohort surprised the teachers with a heartwarming rendition of Jessie J’s “Flashlight”, in appreciation of our teachers’ roles as guiding lights in our lives.

With that, Teachers’ Day 2018 drew to a close. We thank our teachers for the countless hours they have spent coaching us, and sincerely hope that all teachers have enjoyed themselves on this special day.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the heroes behind the scenes — Studio Ardent — for manning the concert, as well as immortalising the wonderful memories of TD 2018.

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