“Teachers’ Day, Episode XVI, The Students Give Back” was a special theme for a very special group of people on a very special day. Teachers play so many roles; they are our protectors, our pillars of support, our friends, and many more. It is only through their guidance that we are able to grow and learn.

On behalf of all students, the 43rd Students’ Council expressed their gratitude to the teachers by organising Teachers’ Day 2016. The organising team was split into 3 main committees.

The Programmes Committee was in charge of the concert. Despite facing obstacles along the way, the committee persevered and gave their best to ensure that the teachers and students had an extraordinary experience

The Publicity Committee created a light-hearted and meaningful video, that featured R2-D2 on a mission to collect presents for the teachers (video can be accessed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMw4qr5AdJA). They were also in charge of organising the flower sales, which sold out on the day itself!

We are sure all of you remember the R2D2 standee on the stage during the concert. It was done by the Decorations & Souvenir Committee, along with the beautiful decorations put up in the Auditorium and Consultation Areas. They were also in charge of delivering the souvenirs to all teachers, which was a Star Wars themed tote bag this year.

Presenting to you, Teachers’ Day 2016.

Joshua Lim and Soh Kai Jie,

Teachers’ Day 2016 Working Committee 2016 Chairpersons

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