The Tchoukball Girls’ Team emerged as the First Runners-Up in the National School Games Finals on 16th May. To find out more about the Team, and their months-long journey leading up to the conclusion of the Finals, the Students’ Council set out to interview the Team Captain, Nicole Lee.

1. What was the biggest takeaway throughout this journey?

“The biggest takeaway was the team. When we first came together most of us barely knew one another and to have come so far, through all blood, sweat and tears, the bonds that we have forged together goes far beyond the court.”

2. At the same time, what were some challenges your team faced?

“The entire team started Tchoukball only in JC but for many of our competitors they have been playing since C div, B div and had much more experience than us. Some of them were from the national team and having to play against such strong and veteran players required mental strength first and foremost; half the battle was lost otherwise.”

3. Were there any experiences that you felt were particularly unique throughout this competition season?

“In most tightly fought games that we have played, at some point of time the score difference would start to pull apart. For the SOTA game during our nationals, the score was tight throughout the entire game. Whenever they scored one point, we would have scored another in the next few moments and the intensity of the game remained high every single moment. This required much focus and a sustained fighting spirit because there was really no room for error. In the end after putting up a good fight, we tied the game 20 to 20.”


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