After the conclusion of the Taekwondo Competition Finals on 21 April, the Students’ Council interviewed the Taekwondo Captain, Tan Min Rui Edwin.

1) How did the Team perform during the Finals?
“The Team did an amazing job. The tough months of training have brought everyone together, and during the Finals we proudly displayed our team spirit. We learnt that things may not always be in our favour, but no matter what, it is the struggle that makes it worth it. We are a team where everyone competes for and supports one another. For that, I think we are true winners.”

2) What are some of your most memorable experiences in the preparation for the competition?
“The Mock Competitions we had were significant for some of us as they helped us to figure out what had been lacking. For some, they were the dinners after training where people continued practising even out though we were out of school, sometimes drawing unwanted attention. Training at unusual locations such as staircase landings during wet weather was particularly memorable for others. In general, helping each other improve and cheering each other on during training made every session fun and special.”

3) What will you and the team miss the most after leaving the Taekwondo Team?
“To some of us, seeing others’ faces daily has become a welcome part of life. The bonds shared between batchmates and between batches is one that is simply irreplaceable. We learnt about really not blaming each other, but rather being proud of each other’s progress. We will miss training, laughing and crying together.”

4) How can your juniors preserve and add on to the legacy of the Team?
“The juniors have experienced first hand the intensity of competitions as well as the desire to win, so hopefully they can remember this desire to win and carry it on to the next season regardless of the results this year, continue working hard and, making use of experience gained, strive to achieve the results they deserve.”

5) Is there anyone the Team would like to thank?
“The Team would like to firstly thank our seniors for coming back in spite of their busy schedules! Also, we would like to thank our coaches and teachers for their unwavering care and support.”

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