• Season 17 T2W4 Summary of Results


    Hey Hwa Chong! Once again, our sports teams have done well the past week, good job Team Hwa Chong!
    The results for Track & Field are as follows:
    A Girls Long Jump
    Tania Nicolette Koh Shu yi – 2nd
    Weers Natasha Audrey – 4th
    A Boys Long Jump
    Zachary Lau Weng Yik – 3rd
    Cepheaus R Chee Jiong Nan – 4th
    Low Jun-Yan Patrick – 8th
    A Boys Shot Put
    Yee Chun Wai, Eric – 2nd
    Koh Gao Jie, Evan – 5th
    A Girls Shot Put
    Gale Tan Jia Xin – 5th
    Nicole Kan Ying-Min – 6th
    Audrey Lim Ya Zi – 7th
    A Girls Discus
    Audrey Lim Ya Zi – 4th
    Evian Chua Hui Min – 5th
    Nicole Kan Ying-Min – 7th
    A Boys Discus
    Yee Chun Wei, Eric – 1st
    Leong Wei Lun, Alfred – 3rd
    Yeo Jun Kai – 6th
    A Girls Javelin
    Evian Chua Hui Min – 1st
    Dorcas Ang – 4th
    Gale Tan Jia Xin – 5th

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