“And I flew and flew happily to the heights of the sun, and higher and higher into the sky”

– Volare

The days leading up to the SYF have seen members of Hwa Chong Guitar Ensemble come together with a common drive, strength and determination to ultimately deliver a rousing and outstanding performance that would bring our ensemble to new and greater heights. After months of hard work and intense practice, our ensemble is extremely grateful and honoured to have achieved Distinction at the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2013 with our two choice pieces: Overture to Marriage of Figaro by Mozart and Volare, an upbeat Italian love song.

This journey was anything but an easy one – especially for the majority of the new J1s who had absolutely no guitar background. As an ensemble, we met with times when we just could not reach the expectations set for ourselves, when perfecting sets of notes and grasping the dynamics of the pieces seemed like an impossible feat. However, with the undying passion and dedication we all shared, we found ourselves steadily inching towards what we had set out to accomplish, slowly flying higher and higher.

As the day drew nearer and nearer, we managed to pick our pace up, while having the privilege to participate in a Guitar Exchange and the performance on World Water Day at Marina Barrage. All these have definitely played a significant role in improving our skills and performance as an ensemble. We pulled through many long, extended practices but for many of us, the memories that remain of this journey have definitely not only been that of the hardships and challenges we faced but undeniably, the friendships and ties we have forged, the fun and joy we found and the common passion and love cultivated for guitar and the music we produced as an ensemble.

Indeed, our achievement could only be made possible with the help and support from the following people and from the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank:

Our principals and the school management for granting us this opportunity to be part of this experience.

Our dedicated and passionate instructor, Mr Kevin Yeo, for always encouraging us and always being so willing to provide us with the time and extra help when we need it.

Our teachers-in-charge, Mrs Violet Teo, Ms Lin Xiu Xia and Ms Tina for always taking such good care of the ensemble and supporting us throughout this entire journey.

And of course, all our friends, family and teachers for their support and belief in Hwa Chong Guitar Ensemble.

We would also like to congratulate all other CCAs for their achievement in the recent SYF and competitions and here’s wishing those with upcoming SYF/competitions all the very best!


Presenting to you, Hwa Chong Guitar Ensemble


Credits: Cheryl Tay, Vice President of Guitar Ensemble’13-14

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