3rd May marked the conclusion of the Squash Competition, where the Boys’ Team emerged First Runners-Up. The Students’ Council set out to interview the Squash Captain, Tan Yik Rong Regan.

1) How did your team perform throughout this competition?

“I felt that my team generally performed well, having achieved our initial goal of reaching the finals. Even though we do not have any DSAs, our team fought hard and managed to overcome other strong competitors such as ACSI and ACJC to reach the finals. In every match, our players put in their best effort to overcome all the opponents that they were facing. This year’s team was filled with individuals whom fought hard together where each and every member exemplified the 自强不息 spirit, where we fought hard against every opponent even if they were better than us.”

2) Were there any moments that your team felt down?

“Of course there were times our team felt down. One instance was when a few of the key players were nervous and their confidence levels were low in the matches prior to our semi finals. This affected their performance during their matches and was very worrying because we needed all our players to be in top condition during the semis. However, I think that the more important part was how the team encouraged them, pushed them on, to get their mindset back on track. During and before the matches, each teammate supported and encouraged each other, allowing everyone of us to regain our confidence and play a better game.”


3) Do you have any advice for your juniors?

“My advice for the juniors is to train hard and never ever give up no matter how hard training can be. Work together as a team and work on each other’s weaknesses and improve each other’s strengths. Believe in yourselves and the team and you guys will definitely achieve your target next year!”

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