Hey Hwa Chong! Do you remember jamming out to 只为那爱我愿 during MAF but not actually knowing how this college song originated? Or how about that awkward moment when you wanted to dance Wild Wild West with your classmate but tripped over her foot during the second set because you forgot the moves? And don’t even get started on how during the sports competition session, you jumbled up the words for Go Fight Win and appeared a little more spastic (than usual)…

SODACHE is a long cherished, unique component of our Hwa Chong college culture. It not only bonds the whole school as a community but also brings back so many school memories shared with our dearest and closest friends.

Coming to you regularly, served piping hot fresh off HCunite, let Team ECACO share with you more about one song, dance and cheer every month! Learn the lyrics, practice the moves and get the chants right! We are proud to present… SODACHE of the Month!

For the month of April, the song of the month is Destinations, a high-spirited and catchy song composed by the 37th Students’ Council Song I/Cs, Wong Yang Cheng and Natalee Ho. It was originally written as a batch song for the new J1 students entering the school. The song describes the transitions and feelings that they will experience as they step into Hwa Chong for the first time, and how Hwa Chong will always be their home where they love and belong.



The dance of the month is I’ve Had the Time of My Life, a relatively slow-paced dance with a ~calming~ effect as you reminisce the times shared with your beloved friends. P.S. best danced together with the right person! 😉



“When Hwa Chong unite we show our might!” The cheer of the month is ROCK YOU! With its catchy and rhythmic beat, Rock You shakes the floor and encourages us to press on even in times of difficulty. (Y)



Now that you are familiar with this month’s college song, dance and cheer, we look forward to seeing more Hwa Chongians display our strong school spirit! Comment at the HCunite tagboard to tell us which SODACHE should be featured for the month of June. ;D We look forward to your active participation!

With love,

40th ECACO


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