This is a message from the 39th Students’ Council from HCI (College)! As you may know, there will be a short SODACHE session during CSM this Friday. 😀 If you are wondering what SODACHE means, it is actually short for Song, Dance and Cheer, an intrinsic part of the college culture. SODACHE is what bonds us together and is a tradition that is unique to the Hwa Chong family.


Each song, dance and cheer holds a special meaning to it, which is why we still do it until today. Imagine singing songs that have been sung by batches and batches of students as far back as twenty or thirty years ago – how cool is that? 😉


Anyway, here are some pictures of your seniors enjoying themselves during on Mid Autumn Festival and Orientation!


Feeling pumped up for it already? 😀 You will be glad to know that we will be giving you a sneak peak of this unique Hwa Chong culture on Friday morning from 1000h to 1030h – and we hope that you will give us your cooperation by being enthusiastic and sporting!


Here are the SODACHEs that we will be doing this Friday:

For songs –





For dances –





For cheers –





If you are interested in knowing more about SODACHE, you can click on this link to find out more: http://hcunite.com/sodache/


Don’t worry about being unsure of the lyrics or steps, and most importantly, don’t feel shy while doing them – just enjoy yourself and take it as an opportunity to have some really, really good fun. xD


See you on Friday!! ^^



Co-Curricular Activities Committee (ECACO)

of the 39th Students’ Council

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