Hey everyone!

Hope the first few days/weeks of school have been going well for you!

As you spring-clean your house in preparation for Chinese New Year, do you find yourself wondering what to do with those shirts you’ve worn once too many times?

Fret not, because we have…


Shirtilicious is a shirt donation drive brought to you by the 37th Students’ Council. We are aiming to collect at least 2500 shirts to make the world’s largest shirt mosaic, and to then donate the shirts to our designated charity, the Salvation Army.

~we hope to beat this!

So instead of throwing the shirts away, bring them down to council benches between 1st February (Tue) and 11th February (Fri) before flag-raising, and pass them to any councilor there.

We hope you’ll support us in our bid to make the world’s largest shirt mosaic, and at the same time, also do your part for charity during the CNY festivities! The top 3 OGs (for J1s) and CT groups (for J2s) will stand to win attractive prizes from The Cocoa Trees!(:

So what are you waiting for?

37th Students’ Council

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