Hey seniors! Are you excited for your prom?

Due to technical difficulties at the Audi during CMS, we were unable to showcase our presentation for Senior Promenade 2013. To view our pretty presentation, do go to this link (http://prezi.com/rhonnx84xlss/senior-promenade-2013-cms/) to check it out!

Just in case you might be catching some sleep during CT session or was unable to catch what was presented during CMS, here are the important details for Senior Promenade 2013!


Date: 9th December 2013 (Monday)
Venue: Swissotel the Stamford
Price: $96 per pax (an increment of $1 from last year due to rise in rental cost)

Ticketing Process

Dates: 19, 20, 23 August
Time: 1530h – 1830h (19/20); 1630h – 1830h (23)
Venue: Inner Plaza, marked by Prom Banner as backdrop
Before ticketing: Please register online at tinyurl.com/Prom2013ticketing, do register as soon as possible in order to get your preferred seats!
Ticketing day: Please just come down with your cheque to confirm your details, choose your zones, and make payment!

All cheques should be:
  • Crossed
  • Signed
  • Dated properly (not post-dated)
  • Made payable to “Hwa Chong Students’ Council” (IMPORTANT NOTE: The apostrophe comes after “Students” and should be written as “Students’ “, not “Student’s “. Cheques will need to be re-submitted if they do not comply with this instruction)
  • Completed with the correct amount of money (with correct spelling) and the corresponding figure
  • Indicated with a representative’s name, CT and contact number on the reverse side

Each TABLE should pay as a whole using ONLY ONE CHEQUE. 


Title Nominations

–        Prom King
–        Prom Queen
–        Most Humorous
–        Most Talented

C2 CT Reps, do remember to remind your classes to fill in the nominations form and return them by the stated date 🙂

Performances Signup

Audition Signup: tinyurl.com/prom13audition

Class Pages

These pages are free for all C2 classes and will be published in our prom magazine (pretty much like a yearbook!), and seniors get the chance to design their own class pages!

More information will be posted on HCUnite soon, and queries may be directed to prompubs13@gmail.com or to the publicity I/Cs – Gloria Chung (13A11) & Kannan Ramanathan (13S75)


Were you scratching your head as you walked out of Audi/LT3, wondering about our prom video?
Look out for our post regarding our video soon!
Meanwhile, enjoy! (http://youtu.be/YkUTBvEm0i4)

Do look out for us as we bring you more exciting news regarding Prom! 😉


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to look for any PromCo member or email us at 40thpromco@gmail.com




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