Hey Seniors!

We hope you have had the time of your lives with Senior Promenade 2013: Aurora~

Through the event there were many smiles and laughter, as well as many memories and friends captured with photos and videos. We hope that the 40th PromCo has given you a night to remember, and carry with you for the many years to come!

If you wish to revisit the memories of Prom, below are some of the links of videos which the 40th Students’ Council, together with Sensorium Vale, have produced for you!

Senior Promenade 2013 Video:

Senior Promenade 2013 Preview Video:

Senior Promenade 2013 Montage:

Just to recap, here are the proud winners of the night:

Prom King: George Martin

Prom Queen: Wee Lin

Most Humorous: Jeremy Koo

Most Talented: Khwa Zhong Xuan

Once again, on behalf of the 40th Students’ Council, I thank you for joining us on this night where the Batch of 12/13 came together for one last time to commemorate the friendships forged, the memories created, as well as the lasting experience for a lifetime.

Presenting to you the 40th PromCo:










Thank you, and like an Aurora, may your journey ahead be brightened with streaks of colourful lights and memories.

With love,


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