Hello seniors!

Prom is just a day away (:

Here is some information you may be interested to know:


1)      Queries

If you have any queries (i.e. lost ticket stubs) please proceed to the queries booth, which is located right outside the ballroom (near the middle)! Please bring your ez-link card for verification purposes!

To enter the ballroom, all you have to do is to hand your ticket stub to councillors positioned at the doors. After which, they will chop your hand with invisible ink.


2)      Pre-dinner/Cocktail

Pre-dinner starts at 6.00pm; there will be a free flow of soft drinks at the cocktail area!

There is also a photo booth set up for you, where a professional photographer will take photos for you. Although the photos will not be printed out instantly, you will be able to collect them before prom ends.


3)      Entering the ballroom

During prom, councillors positioned at the main doors will scan your hand for the chop every time you enter the ballroom.

Those without the chop will be forbidden to enter!


We hope you are as excited as we are for Stardust, and have a good rest tonight!

See you all dressed up in your glamorous outfits tomorrow evening!

Promco 😀

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