Bowling has never been a niche area for Hwa Chong, with the likes of ACJC and RJC dominating the scene. But 2009 looks set to be a turning point. With a change in coach and promising players joining the team, the bowling team hopes to shake off the disappointment from last year and achieve new heights this year.

Training has been modified into a more rigorous multi-faceted programme, which hones physical technique, mental attrition and strategic planning skills. Many of our players put in extra effort as well, taking part in inter-club leagues and nation-wide championships to gain competition exposure, and bowling in their free time to cement newly acquired techniques.

During the year-end holidays, friendly matches with other junior colleges ended unfavourably, but this only serves to fuel the desire to make good in this year’s A Division Championships. Moreover, the team has improved greatly ever since the new coach took his place. The team is confident that with sustained effort, as well as effective guidance from the coach, this year, there will be cause for celebration.

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