Good job Hwa Chong!!

Results for Wushu:
Day 1 (29/3) Results:
1. Trina Tan – 3rd (Nanquan 1st International)
2. Choo Yi Xuan – 6th (Nanquan 1st International)
3. Sherwin Tieon – 8th (Nanquan 1st International)
3. Ian Lee – 5th (2nd International Changquan)
4. Hong Jiayi – 1st (2nd international Changquan)

Day 2 (30/3) Results:
Linying – 1st (42-style taijiquan)
Jairus – 5th (42-style taijiquan)
Nigel – 6th (1st intl changquan)
Kai Xun – 8th (1st intl changquan)
Ee Ning – 5th (1st intl changquan)

Day 3 (31/3) Results:
Choo Yan Qi – 3rd (1st International Nandao)
William Tok – 7th (1st International Nandao)
Trina Tan – 3rd (1st International Nandao)
Lim Shu Hao – 5th (1st International Nandao)
Soh Zhihong – 4th (1st International Sword)
Nicole Kong – 6th (1st International Sword)
Cheong Nigel – 5th (2nd International Sword)
Choo Yi Xuan – 6th (2nd International Sword)
Tong Tung Yeng – 3rd (2nd International Sword)
Nicole Wong – 6th (2nd International Sword)

Day 4 (3/04/2017) Results:

Foo Ee Ning – 1st (1st International Broadsword)
Ian Lee – 8th (1st International Broadsword)
Tan Yan Wei – 9th (1st International Broadsword)
Jairus Wan – 4th (42-style Taiji Sword)
Ho Lin Ying – 1st (42-style Taiji Sword)
Sherwin Tieon – 6th (2nd International Broadsword)
Koh Kai Xun – 7th (2nd International Broadsword)
Hong Jiayi – 1st (2nd International Broadsword)

Day 5 (04/04) Results:

Trina Tan – 3rd (1st International Nangun)
Lim Shu Hao – 4th (1st International Nangun)
William Tok – 6th (1st International Nangun)
Sherwin Tieon – 7th (1st International Nangun)

Day 6 (6/04) and Day 7 (7/04) Results:
Foo Ee Ning – 1st (1st International Cudgel)
Choo Yan Qi – 3rd (1st International Cudgel)
Tan Yan Wei – 7th (1st International Cudgel)
Ho Lin Ying – 2nd (1st International Spear)
Nicole Kong – 4th (1st International Spear)
Soh Zhihong – 6th (1st International Spear)
Choo Yi Xuan – 2nd (1st International Spear)
Cheong Nigel – 5th (2nd International Spear)
Koh Kai Xun – 8th (2nd International Spear)
Tong Tung Yeng – 3rd (2nd International Spear)
Nicole Wong – 4th (2nd International Spear)
Hong Jiayi -1st (2nd International Cudgel)
Ian Lee – 6th (2nd International Cudgel)

A-Girls Group Quanshu – 2nd
A-Girls Group Weapon – 2nd
A-Boys Group Quanshu – 6th
A-Boys Group Weapon – 4th
‘C’ Division Boys – Champion
‘B’ Division Boys – 2nd
‘A’ Division Girls – Champion
‘A’ Division Boys – 3rd Runners-Up


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