As a new school term begins, new surprises and challenges, not to mention excitement, will await every single one of us belonging to the school we call home — the place we hold dear. For the freshmen, you will certainly encounter fresh faces, and fresh changes in the weeks to come. You will be met with a curriculum of significantly greater rigour than that of secondary school, and you will be tired out struggling to juggle your academic commitments and Co-Curricula Activities, but above all, you will be blessed with a thousand others who will accompany you, and make this bitter journey one that is bittersweet. For year two students, this year, we will tackle the monstrosity that is the A-Levels. “Come home wielding the shield or on it.” We must study hard, and put up a good fight. So, we bring you the top ten back-to-school dynamite tips to make your year ahead easier.


Tip #1:

“A New Year for a New You.”

Few opportunities present themselves as appropriate as the New Year in functioning as a checkpoint for us to mentally start anew, and resolve to be a better student, friend and person — despite whoever we have been, or whatever we have done. So, if you were the perpetual latecomer, or the infamous slob who handed in none of his/her homework, now is the time to change!


Tip #2:

“By the People, for the People.”

Feeling hungry while mugging for your first lecture test? Sweaty after playing an exciting game of street soccer? Look no further — that is if you are already looking at the welfare bench, or the welfare room! We offer a wide variety of items, from snacks to shirts, from XS to XXXXL!!! Or are you already a frequenter? We too are glad to inform you that we have newly introduced products, such as the delicious Julie’s cheese sticks and the ever-so-well-loved 黑白配, guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and make you happy for a day! May the odds be ever in your flavour?


Tip #3:

Train for NAPFA 2.4km

As construction machinery loom and tower above in the background, and the noise of pile-drivers destroying the tranquility and space that was once ours, one thing is certain: we will not be allowed near the construction site anytime soon, which means our NAPFA run will have to be held elsewhere — probably on the tar roads of Kah Kee Drive. aThe gravel ground will be hard on the feet, and on the mind, while the steep inclines will be nothing less than daunting. Start training early! Grab a friend or two and run consistently (twice or thrice a week maybe?). Practice makes perfect. You will be rewarded when you breeze through the 2.4 like a true champion.

Tip #4:

The Shortcut is Always the Best Cut

Queues in the college canteen too long for your little patience? Or is the food here just not friendly to your tastebuds? Fret not! Head over to the high school canteen, where we have the legendary noodle stall and the fabulous purple plate caifan. Oh no! I hear you saying it’s too far away! …Or is it? Take the road that starts from the Banner-Painting-Area, through the forest, to the high school shooting range, and you will be at there in no time! It’s a little uneven though, careful!

Tip #5:

Location, location, location.

Say you are an early bird who comes to school to study in the morning every day. Where is the ideal mugging spot? Class bench? No, it’s going to get increasingly noisy and distracting after 7 a.m.. Library? Definitely not open yet. Don’t worry buddy, we have the perfect solution for you! Proceed to the consult area, or the second and third level study areas outside the staff room where you will be distanced from the buzz of other students talking, and where likeminded individuals will set the atmosphere and mood needed for brain juices to flow and knowledge to be stored.

Tip #6:

“The Purpose of Art is to Wash the Dust of Daily Life from Our Souls.”

First time painting a banner? Afraid you cannot do a good job? Check out the Council Art website that will provide archives of banners previously painted by seniors for you to search for inspiration and refer to, as well as many techniques you can use to create your masterpiece! The Art website can be accessed from the top bar!

Tip #7:

Toilet Urges


We are only human, and that renders us vulnerable to our urges. Sometimes, these toilet urges grow particularly strong in the morning, when it is very crowded at the left and right wings. So, which toilets to go to in the morning? The first storey toilets located along the left and right wings are strict no-no, for they will most likely be occupied and you don’t want to find yourself in that situation. Why not try out the third storey toilets and the toilets located at the AOA? In this case, it’ll definitely make all the difference when you take the path less travelled

Tip #8:

Getting Hot Water

When it is time to cook instant noodles, instant hot water is always our best friend! Find hot water dispensers located outside the first and second floor toilets of the right wing and feast on your delicious cup noodles!

Alright! That’s all for today! Signing off!

41st Students’ Council

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Anon · January 30, 2015 at 12:50 am

+1 for toilet tip! also for #4 i heard the noodle stall is no longer around 🙁

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