Hi seniors!

Wondering which of your friends has been nominated for the much sought after titles of “Prom King”, “Prom Queen”, “Most Talented” and “Most Humorous”?

The suspense is now over following the acceptance of nominations by the various nominees!


12S6B Nathaniel Goh


12S61 Andre Ng

“I was sabo-ed…”

12S63 Benedict Lui

“Je Ne Said Quoi”

12S66 George Martin


12S7F Li Jia Le


12S6J Ng Wai Hung

“cause wai not?”

12S7J Soo Peng Ru



12S61 Dawn Seow


12S63 Rachel Huong

“Je Ne Said Quoi”

12S66 Lydia Teo

“We’re plastic but we still have fun.”

12S7F Wee Lin

“Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice.


12S63 Quek Yu Fei

“Shut Up.”

12S69 Lim Yu Liang


12S7F Jeremy Koo

“Bromance is the new romance.”


12A16 Steven Low

“Can you jump higher than me? ;)”

12S6C Lee Xin De

“Chill and Smile.”

12S61 Earl Chow

“I’m fierce.”

12S63 Suhas Chandra

“Sexy and I know it!!!”

12S66 Khwa Zhong Xuan

“The only reason why I’m here is because I spend wayyyy too much of my time not studying.”

So, that’s all from our nominees!

In your intense preparation for ‘A’ Levels, we hope that this would provide you with some comic relief! ☺

Taking this opportunity, we would also like to remind C2 classes which have yet to submit their class page designs to do so as soon as possible, or to email us at prompubs13@gmail.com if you have any questions or require any help from our Publicity ICs, Gloria (13A11) and Ramu (13S75).

Stay tuned for more information regarding Senior Promenade 2013 ‘Aurora’, and do look out for our revamped Prom Board which would include the profiles of all title nominees that will be released later this week (in conjunction with Grad Day)! We apologise for the delay due to some hiccups with regards to the final confirmation of our title nominees.

Fight on, seniors!





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