Hello seniors!

We hope you enjoyed your free copy of Senior Promenade 2012 Prom Magazine!

As all of you might know, the prom magazine is a publication much like a yearbook, with a page for every class, except that it is more personalized, tailored for each graduating batch. The class pages are free for all C2 classes! We are certain that you will have great fun designing your class pages – consolidating two years worth of memories into a class page, but here are some guidelines to help you along before you begin!

Dimensions & Format:

The dimensions for our Prom Magazine this year follow the dimensions for the Prom Magazine from last year.

  •  A5 size, in either colour or greyscale (however, please note that it will be printed in greyscale)
  • Preferably in landscape orientation
  • Bleeding 3mm (so that your page will not be cut off during printing), high-resolution (300 dpi)

“Bleed is the part of a printed document that is outside the bounds of the final size of the piece. It is used to make sure images and other design elements print all the way to the edge of the paper.”

  • CMYK colour space

If you are not sure about the above specifications, please download this template :  http://db.tt/jeA90ZxE

  • Send the files in the photoshop (psd) file format
  • All designs to be submitted to prompubs13@gmail.com
  • When submitting the files, please remember to indicate your class and leave a contact number so that we may get back to you regarding your submission as soon as possible!


  • Class photos, individual photos – just let your creative juices flow!
  • Do ensure your class looks good – capture the best side of your class!
  • Important: Class Pride/Spirit – it should be a class effort!
  • Please do not include any indecent photos, vulgarities or other inappropriate content


  • As we are running on a tight printing schedule, please submit your magazine designs by 13 September 2013! (But any time earlier would be really great as well!)
  • You will receive a confirmation email after your design has been vetted and approved.

Before we end the post, we would just like to express our hope that you may have much fun designing your very own class page that would be featured in the Prom Magazine!

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at the following numbers:

Gloria– 90927026,
Ramu – 90070237

Alternatively, you may email us at prompubs13@gmail.com !

We will be most happy to answer your queries and concerns.

Thank you and all the best for prelims!

See you at…


PromCo’13 (Publicity I/Cs – Gloria & Ramu!)

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