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We are Project Kdence, remember us? Our project name is a wordplay on the word “Cadence” as we aim to get the local music scene to undergo the k-effect and prosper. We hope that youths would follow the latest happenings, after which they can be interested to play a part in creating their own “beat” in the local music industry. In partnership with The Music Society, Singapore (https://www.facebook.com/sgmuso?fref=ts), our project hopes to raise both awareness for the local music scene and publicity for the events and artists in Singapore through our infographics.

As mentioned in our previous EMB message, our publicity video is now on YouTube, which features some of your friends! As we are showing this video to our beneficiary, SGMUSO, we need your support for the video in the form of views and likes! Do click on the link “http://youtu.be/j0a0HLdMfjQ” or search “Project Kdence Publicity Video: Local Music Talk @ Hwa Chong” if the link fails, and click the thumbs up button! Show the Hwachie spirit! 🙂

Thank you for your support!


Yours sincerely,

Project Kdence Organising Team 2015

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