Hey Hwa Chong!

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed POP 2016 last Friday!

Congratulations to APOLLO for winning POP! To the other faculties, don’t be discouraged! All faculties performed really well and we were completely blown away by your straight lines, sharp movements and euphoric spirits!! We hope that all of you had fun bonding with your classmates (and faculty mates!) this past week as you rocked us, murdered that dance floor, got ready to inhale this, and showed us that you love it love it love it! Thank you for making POP 2016 a success!!!

If you want to relive some of that POP hype, check out the videos for this year’s POP!!

Sensorium Vale has kindly filmed and uploaded them, so do check out their YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/HCIsensoriumvale/videos for more cool videos!


42nd ITDs

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