• Past vs Present 2016

    Past vs Present 2016

    Hwa Chong Past vs Present is a series of games organised by the Hwa Chong Alumni Association Youth Chapter for past and present Hwa Chong students to gather and engage in friendly sports competition on the day of the school’s Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations.


    Past vs Present 2016 will be held onĀ 10 September (Saturday) morningĀ at Hwa Chong Institution. The following competitive team sports will be played:


    – Floorball Open Event

    – Captain’s Ball Mixed Event

    – Street Soccer 5 on 5 Open Event

    – Tchoukball Mixed Event

    – Frisbee Mixed Event


    Registration Fees: $15 per game per participant


    Find out more details at our website: http://hwachongyouth.org/web/pvsp2016

    If you have any queries, please feel free to email sohyida@gmail.com.


    Form your teams and sign up by 6 September 2016 (Tuesday) 2359h. See you there!

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