• Orientation 2012 – Post Event Megapost

    Hi J1s!

    First off, congratulations to


    Winner of Wargames


    Winner of class performance, by 12A15


    Winner of class flag, by 12S7B


    Winner of POP

    And last but definitely not least,


     Winners of the 2012 faculty shield!

    Great job guys!

    It’s been an exhilarating 2 weeks since you first set foot in HC as part of the official freshman batch of Hwachongians. We hope the fond memories you have had with your OG and CT will last you a lifetime.  Now, let’s take a look back to the moment when it all began…

    On the 1st of Feb, OGs met in the hall for the first time

    All strangers, but that didn’t dampen the mood for the games ahead

    With wet sponges…


    And of course, the legendary Slippery Slope

    You didn’t always win, but cheers kept the spirit high

    Together in song, dance and cheer

    Meeting your enthusiastic fac coms.

    Soon, it was time for war

    And we mean WAR

    But in the end, we’re still one Hwa Chong

    Having a wild campfire night under the moon

    Singing, dancing and cheering our hearts out

    Igniting the fac spirit and the Hwa Chong spirit.

    And thus, orientation came to an end.

    But before that, the ultimate showdown at the Post-Orientation Party!

    We saw a fantastic showing by Artemis, with their cool and innovative umbrellas

    Athena showed us what it means to party, in their swaggerin’ white caps

    Leave it to Apollo to bust the beat with their rhythmic drumsticks

    But in the end, Ares swept the floor with smooth moves,donning their very fitting white gloves

    Once again, congratulations Ares!

    We’ve had a great time organizing orientation and making it the best it can be! Presenting to you your OGLs, the 38th Students’ Council

    Now that orientation is REALLY over, it’s back to school for you guys! Next year, it’ll be your juniors’ turn to experience this amazing event, but in the meantime, remember to have your fair share of fun and treasure your time in J1!

    See you next year!

    – The Orientation Committee 2012

    Photo credits to Nathanael, Ru Shan and Colin! Thanks a lot guys 😀

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