• Open House 2013: A Day of Euphoria!

    Hey Hwa Chong! Open House 2013 – EUPHORIA! was successfully held on 11 January, and a big thank you goes out to all CCAs, performers, PA/AVA, tour guides and many others who have helped make this event a success! For those who missed it, fret not! We shall let pictures do the talking!

    All ready for the event!

    The balloon web in the shape of a kite soaring high, a symbol of all Hwa Chong-ians

    The early morning crowd enjoying the performances

    Our friendly tour guides who introduced the various facilities and shared their experiences with the visitors

    The action-packed CCA booths (pictured above: OAC)

    The large, eye-catching I ♥ HC photo stands

    Enthusiastic faculty committees performing their very own faculty dances!





    The charismatic SODACHE I/Cs leading mid-day SODACHE!

    Wushu’s amazing stunts!

    An innovative performance put up by MAD (Modern) dancers

    MAD’s dancers with their swag-filled performances!

    Our Chinese dancers with their usual gracefulness and elegance

    The Students’ Council ended the event with an energetic performance, which even featured a sneak peek of the upcoming batch dance!

    We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and had a day full of euphoria at Open House 2013! Cheers, Open House Organising Committee ‘13 The 39th Students’ Council

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