Hello Hwa Chong-ians (or those soon-to-be)!

Open House 2012 was successfully held on 11 January 2012! A big thank you to all performers, CCAs, PA/AVA and many others who helped in one way or another to pull off this event!

For those who missed out the action on 11 January, we shall let the pictures do the talking!

The crowd started trickling in early in the morning.

The vibrant balloon web was especially apt as the day began with a slight drizzle.

Our friendly tour guides introduced attendees to the school’s various facilities and unique areas.

Along the wings, CCAs set up their eye-catching yet informative booths.

HC’s prized chinese drama group 黄城 (Huang Cheng) showed that their talents were not limited to acting.

Choir caught much attention with their innovative live performances.

Their name might be a mouthful, but the English Language, Drama, Debate & Film Society promise to make you savour every bite.

MOCH – Hwa Chong’s own magazine, was showcased with fun photo stands.

Meanwhile, things were heating up at the central plaza. Throughout the day, various CCAs and student bodies put up their best performances.

The ever-energetic faculty committees showcased their explosive faculty dances!

Malay Dance told enchanting tales with their nimble moves.

The Indian Dancers’ liveliness was contagious.

Our Chinese Dance exuded their usual elegance and excellence.

The breakers and hip hop dancers of Music And Dance (MAD) held the beat like pros with their powerful moves.

MAD’s modern dancers wowed the audience with a lyrical piece.

The voices of Choir meshed into a smooth blend of ear-candy.

Taekwondo shook the floor with their kickass performance.

The Students’ Council pumped it up with energetic cheers and quirky dances. Not only, they also gave a sneak peek of what awaits in HC with their performance of this year’s Batch Dance!

The SOng, DAnce & CHEer ICs showed their charisma as they led the school in a SODACHE session.

We hope you’ve had fun during your short stay in Hwa Chong! HC Open House may have ended but that’s not the end! Come February, we certainly hope to see familiar faces at Orientation!

Brought to you by

The Open House Committee ‘12


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