Hello fellow Hwachongians!

The Hwa Chong Mid-Autumn Festival (MAF) Celebrations was successfully held on 10th September. A big thank you to all performers, PAAVA, backstage helpers, Sensorium Vale, and many others who have helped in one way or another for the event to happen the way it did! To all Hwachongians, past or present students alike, we hope that it has been an enjoyable night for you, either to catch up with your old schoolmates or have a break from school. If you have unfortunately missed out on the experience, fret not because you can view the highlight of the night (the Grand Light-Up) from this link:


Chinese Dance

38th Students’ Council

See you at MAF 2012!

Photo Credits: Nathanael Tan

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Jou · August 29, 2013 at 8:20 pm


I’m Jou. Nice to meet you. We are publisher and we found the photo of lantern is useful to be put in our educational book. Therefore, would like to know if you can license us with the copyright.
Hope to hear from you soon. You may email me if possible.


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