Year after year, students, teachers and alumni alike set out on their annual pilgrimage to Hwa Chong to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival (MAF). This year, MAF was celebrated on 15th September, attracting 3000 people from alumni to tourists to take part in the festivities. With an exciting programme to look forward to and beautiful decorations that lit up the central plaza, the central plaza really felt like a home away from home, allowing everyone to enjoy the night as one Hwa Chong family, as embodied by our theme, 《念:今逢佳节喜相聚,心系黄城共此夕》.

Our talented students seized the opportunity to show off their skills, as CCAs like Chinese Orchestra, Wushu and MAD Chinese Dance put on breathtaking performances and awed the audience, while students put their melodious voices on display, performing classics such as local singing sensation, JJ Lin’s《关键词》。


Chinese dancers presenting their performance item with extreme poise and grace


Chinese Orchestra performing a blend of traditional and futuristic pieces


W.A.S. combining their musical talents to achieve a perfect balance of highs and lows


These enchanting performances set the stage for the highlight of the night, the Grand Light Up (GLU). For five whole minutes, all eyes were fixated on the dazzling sequence of lights, stunning centrepiece and awe-inspiring fountain… as all came together to create an unforgettable experience… The GLU culminated with the illumination of the intricately-designed fireball, modelled after the character: “念”, in the shape of a traditional chinese lantern. If you haven’t had a chance to witness the grand finale of this year’s MAF Concert, do check out the video via the Youtube link!

In conjunction with the festivities, visitors were treated to a wide range of street stalls manned by students such as those hailing from the Art Elective Programme and various CCA groups. The merchandise on offer was dizzying, from self-designed stickers to notebooks and postcards.

The street market was abuzz with excitement as students — both current and alumni — came together to support their peers at the expense of their wallets.

The night ended off on a high note, with everyone’s favourite segment — SoDaChe. The central plaza was filled with the sounds of singing, cheering, and chants of “inner hand, outer hand, inner outer grab pull”, as students followed the lead of the SoDaChe ICs and danced to their hearts’ content.

This year’s MAF was truly one for the ages, featuring the first ever ground centrepiece, as well as collaborations with AEP students and the Calligraphy Club. It certainly would not have been successful without the hard work put in by various CCAs and students. We hope you enjoyed MAF, and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Special thanks to: Studio Ardent, Wushu, MAD Chinese Dance, Chinese Orchestra, AEP, Calligraphy Club, Huang Cheng, Astronomy Club, ELDDFS, Track and Field, Cross Country, the PSG, 17S7D,  all student performers and street market vendors, and last but not least, every one of you who came and supported us in your own way.


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