Hi Hwa Chong!

The much-anticipated Mid-Autumn Festival is just right round the corner!

Here are the details of Mid-Autumn Festival this year:

Date: 14 September 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 1800h – 2100h
Venue: Hwa Chong Institution (College Section) Central Plaza

The theme for this year’s celebrations is 齐聚共婵娟, which encapsulates the idea of all of us, batches of old and new Hwa Chong-ians returning to a place we can always call home and enjoy ourselves in the moonlight, beneath the backdrop of a majestic moon. On this magical night of joy and reminiscence, all of us can reunite to reminisce our past, rekindle fond memories of our times in Hwa Chong and soak in the atmosphere of a festival with such a rich and beautiful tradition (:

Here are some highlights you can expect at our very own Hwa Chong Mid-Autumn Festival this year!

Grand Light Up

The feeling of awe and amazement as you witness each lantern light up in the sky; the feeling of exuberance and youth as the fountain kicks itself alive; and finally, the feeling of pride, of passion, of spirit burning within you as the fireball sets ablaze.

You can be sure that this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival will be host to a range of entertaining and beautiful spectacles!



We have a host of exciting performances lined up for you on that night! Featuring…

Chinese Dance,

The Chinese Orchestra,

Hwa Chong Wushu,

and other amazing pre-concert performances!

So get ready for a night of vivacity and enthralling gigs!


Teahouse and Street Market

Come join us at our customary Teahouse and be rewarded with a mouth-watering array of delectable delights and – the unmissable – Bubble

Student groups will also be selling varying merchandise in the Inner Plaza at the bustling Street Market!



Feel the Hwa Chong spirit within you as you belt out the songs, get active with the dance moves and cheer your heart out in our traditional SODACHE session, a culture distinctively Hwa Chong!

An exciting line up of programmes is in stall for you on the night of 14th of September – a night a Hwa Chongnian would truly not want to miss!

And to our dearest seniors, let’s take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on how we celebrated MAF in the past!

MAF 1978


MAF 1985


MAF 1988


MAF 1990


MAF 1998


MAF 1999


We promise that MAF 2013 will be a night you will never forget. You will feel that Hwa Chong spirit, that Hwa Chong pride burn within you as you meet your friends in this one big Hwa Chong family. MAF is the culmination of the common desire to be with the Hwa Chong family once again and carries our well-wishes for all Hwa Chongnians. Come join us on the 14th of September and let the Hwa Chong spirit burn within you (: We hope to see you there!



40th Students’ Council

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