On the 14th of May, our Touch Rugby Girls Team headed down for an exciting semi-final playoff against SAJC, followed by the 1st/2nd placing playoff against SRJC! With an engaging showcase of a myriad of skills, talents, as well as grit and determination at the Turf City field, our girls performed extremely well! After a physically exhausting exchange of tactics and runs, our team managed to triumph over SAJC in the semi-finals with a score of 5-4. Thereafter, in the finals match against SRJC, our girls put up a strong fight and displayed their awe-inspiring fighting spirit! However, they lost by a narrow margin of one point, finishing 2-3. Nevertheless, CONGRATULATIONS AND A JOB WELL DONE on getting NATIONAL FIRST RUNNERS-UP girls! Now let us meet the team!


#1 – Ong Kai Xuan

#2 – Natalie Yu

#3 – Clara Chew

#4 – Zara Chung

#5 – Tessie Chin (Vice-Captain)

#6 – Gong Chenxi

#7 – Elizabeth Lam

#8 – Sharlene Tay

#9 – Phoebe Chua

#10 – Charmaine Lim

#11 – Rebecca Tan (Captain)

#12 – Gwendelyn Ong

#13 – Tan Hui Lin

#14 – Rachel Low

#15 – Celine Tan

#16 – Rachel Tan

Basics of the Game: To win the game, a team must score a higher number of touchdowns than the opponent team. A touchdown is scored by tapping the ball down over the try line at the opponent’s half. The whole game is a straight 20 minutes, with both teams taking turns to attack and defend. The player with possession of the ball in the attacking team can choose either to run and cover as much distance as possible or pass the ball to her teammates so that they can further advance towards the try line. However, after the player with the ball is “touched”by a player of the opponent team, she has to “roll ball”by placing the ball between her legs. The defenders will then have to move back at least 5 metres in a straight line parallel to the score line. The attacking team is allowed 6 “touches”before possession is changed. Possession is also changed when penalties such as a forward pass, touch-and-pass occur. The defending team has to try their best to reduce the distance between the attacking team and the try line by denying them space and time. This can be achieved by moving forward and “touching”the attacking team player with the ball so that a minimal distance is covered after each touch, before possession is swapped. Now that we know how the game works, let’s see how our girls played during the match!

Final Match:


HCI started the game in high spirits as the team seeked to emulate their victorious performance from the earlier semi-final game! SRJC started the game and proved to be no pushovers as they were aggressive. SRJC scored the first touchdown, despite excellent attempts by Tessie and Clara to tackle the opponents. However, the HCI team did not express any sign of disappointment and continued giving their all.


The next point was a hard fought one, as both teams fought hard in their runs and the mood of the game intensified. Possession swapped rapidly between the two teams and there were several close calls at both try lines. Both HCI and SRJC played passes well within each team. Both teams also took turns in attempting a touchdown at the try line through a slide or a dash, however in these instances, either side was unsuccessful. The HCI team attempted many speedy and good passes, especially with spectacular efforts by Tessie, Rebecca, Rachel Tan and Hui Lin.

Tessie attempting to break through the defence wall of SRJC

The HCI players’ efforts paid off eventually as the exchanges between all 6 players proved to be fruitful despite good tackles by SRJC, with Elisabeth scoring a touchdown and a point for the HCI team at the very last minute of the first half!


After the half time, the match regained momentum with HCI on the offensive side. Rebecca, Tessie and Clara displayed valiant attempts to score, with a display of several spectacular passes in the bid to approach the try line. However, SRJC regained possession of the ball a while after. There were a series of possession swaps, including some notable attempts by our girls to prevent SRJC from scoring touchdowns! Despite some amazing evasions from “touches”by our players and well-executed defences, SRJC eventually scored a touchdown.


Despite the point scored by SRJC, our touch rugby girls continued on with fervor and zeal, spurred on by mutual support for each other! The efforts of our girls were indeed commendable! They had put in their all and after a long and exciting series of passes, touches and re-possessions. Thankfully, the quick reflexes of our girls allowed us to defend a near touchdown by SRJC and we regained possession of the ball. Soon after, Clara, Rachel Tan and Tessie managed to get the ball near the try line! HCI leveled the score with Tessie executing yet another jaw-dropping dive towards the try line. She proved to be swifter than the opponents and performed a spectacular touchdown!

Our girls deeply focused on the game, fighting hard for Hwachong!


The second half of the match reached its peak in intensity and atmosphere as both teams showed will and determination to score the point that could possibly decide the outcome of the match! The 3rd and deciding point of the game was scored after yet another round of intensive sprints, touches and passes. With an unlikely turn of events at the very last minute of the second half, SRJC pounced on the opportunity to gain possession after our HCI team scored our 2nd point, and secured victory at the finishing moments of the match. Unluckily for HCI, the final ruling went against our favour, especially since the decisive touchdown of the game was scored nearing the end of the game.   Nevertheless, our girls had provided the audience and supporters with a brilliant display of sportsmanship, respect and excellence! JOB WELL DONE to our Touch Rugby girls for their commendable spirit and effort throughout their season, improving on their performance from last year! 🙂


40th and 41st CCA PROs

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