On the 19th of May, Hwa Chong’s Basketball Girls headed down to Jurong East Sports Hall for the National Basketball Finals against Raffles Institution. Our girls fought hard and put in their all, showing a great display of sportsmanship and determination. They eventually emerged as NATIONAL CHAMPIONS, with a final score of 63-42! SUPERB JOB GIRLS!


Here is the team!


#4 – Crystal Yong Yun Han

#5 – Tan Jia Qi

#6 – Chan Chu Yin (Captain)

#7 – Freda Chua Zhi Yun (Vice-captain)

#8 – Sia Si Qin, Charlene

#9 – Au Zi Yu

#10 – Isabel Lee Jiale

#11 – Lin Yuan

#12 – Zhao Ya Lian

#13 – Leah-Diane Warden Xiu Yu

#14 – Leoh Yun Wan Mandy

#15 – Chin Wan Qing


Basics of the game:


Game play

The match is split into 4 quarters of 10 minutes each. Each team comprises 12 players, but only 5 will be on court at any one time. The aim of the game is to try to score as many points as possible. The team with more points wins.


Scoring system

1 point is awarded when a goal scored is from free throw. Free throws are awarded to a team according to a format involving the number of fouls committed in a half and/or the type of foul committed. Fouling a shooter always results in two or three free throws being awarded the shooter, depending upon where he was when he shot. If he was beyond the three-point line, then he gets three shots.

2 points are awarded when the team scores within the 3 point line.

3 points are awarded when the team scores beyond the boundary marked out by the 3 point line.



Offense: The team with the ball

Defense: The team without the ball. They try to steal the ball, contest shots, steal and deflect passes, and garner rebounds.


On to the game!


Quarter 1


Our girls dodging the defences of the RI players!

HCI started the gameplay and in no time, Chu Yin scored the first point for HCI! Zi Yu attempted a quick pass that RI was unable to intercept. Wan Qing received the ball and managed to score a skillful 3 pointer! This put HCI 1 point ahead at a score of 5-4. It spurred the crowd on to cheer even harder for our girls! Close exchanges and fast dodges by Zi Yu and Crystal proved to be useful, culminating in Chu Yin scoring, bringing the score to 9-7! A flurry of passes and misses, coupled with changes in possession made the next few points a tough fight, but our girls remained composed. They took hold of open chances and were aggressive in their runs, leading up to Freda’s successful contribution of 2 points to the team. RI provided strong competition too, closing up the gap to 13-11, and concluding the first quarter.


Quarter 2

In the beginning of this quarter, RI scored a 3-pointer, gaining the lead with a score of 14-13. However, our girls remained unfazed and fought on, trying to close the lead. Thereafter, RI scored another 2 points and had a free throw, bringing the score to 17-13. Even so, our girls were not defeated and put up a really good fight! Soon after, HCI managed to obtain possession of the ball, and Zi Yu scored an amazing basket, narrowing RI’s lead with a score of 17-15. Crystal also did a wonderful job, intercepting a pass between the RI players, and then dribbling the ball all the way across the court to score. This levelled the score to 17-17! Good job to our basketball girls for their determination and willpower!

Throughout the quarter, our girls fought hard for every rebound, which gave their teammates the confidence to take risks, knowing that their team was behind them. We witnessed many other astounding shots as well, and the final score before the end of this quarter was 29-24 to HCI!


Quarter 3

Our girls played hard in this quarter!

The quarter started off with HCI still in the lead despite a hoop scored by RI, bringing the score to 29-26. The next goal was nerve-wrecking as our girls were eager to ride on the momentum and extend our lead! Mandy misses both her free throws and possession changed between both sides after RI got the rebound. Nevertheless, our team continued to fight for the possession, and with a brilliant intercept of the ball by Lin Yuan, HCI regained possession! Leah-Diane Warden Xiu Yu then went on to score 2 points for the team. This brings the score to 31-26. Our opponents continued to push on as they nearly caught up on the point differences. HCI stayed consistent in their passes and contributions by Freda and Crystal made the score 35-33.


Our girls had a burst in spirit in their play as they went on to consecutively score 8 points thanks to the Freda, Zi Yu and Chu Yin, once again increasing their lead to the score of 43-33. This run started with the interception of the ball by Mandy, who then passed it to Chu Yin. Spotting an opening, she quickly passed the ball to Freda, who fired the ball into the basket, bringing the score to 37-33. An excellent display of skills and experience by our team was apparent too, with the ball smoothly sailing through the hoop with a clear trajectory for both of Chu Yin’s free throws, wowing the crowd with her composure.


Teamwork and consistency were key to our girls’ fine performance in the third quarter. Although RI had managed to score several points, our girls showed excellent defensive skills, which helped us regain possession in many instances. This never-dying spirit and passion for the game definitely inspired the crowd to cheer them on! Hence, the third quarter ended with the score 43-36 to HCI.


Quarter 4

Chu Yin executing a free throw!

Chu Yin executing a free throw!

In this final and most exciting quarter, our girls put in their all, never once wavering in zeal and spirit! Our team started the quarter by scoring consecutively. A feat that achieved through the efforts of Crystal, Zi Yu and Leah-Diane Warden Xiu Yu, and a clean free throw executed by Chu Yin! After this, there were quite a few possession changes, with our girls putting up an amazing defence as well. Just when RI started scoring a few hoops, Zi Yu scored a clean three-pointer and another hoop, bringing up the score to 59-41!


The last minute was indeed one which was very intense. It was indeed heartening to see our girls fighting hard till the very end. With 19.1 seconds to go, Charlene dodged the defences of RI and scored a goal to bring the score up to 61-42! What’s more, after this goal was scored, Charlene intercepted RI’s pass, allowing Chu Yin to score the final 2 points with 2 seconds left to go! What a SPECTACULAR feat!


Overall, it was without doubt an exciting, intense and well-played game, with our girls relentlessly fighting for every point and retaining the championship for second consecutive year since 2013. We congratulate the team once again, and all their hard work and dedication is deeply appreciated!




With love,

41st CCA PROs

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