For the 9th consecutive year, Hwa Chong’s A Boys Basketball team has done the school proud by emerging victorious from their Finals against Anderson Junior College, which was held on the 19th of May at Jurong East Sports Hall. Our boys displayed the grit and perseverance of a champion and their efforts paid off. The final score was 56-51 to Hwa Chong!

 CONGRATULATIONS to our boys for defending the championship and the challenge trophy!


Here is the team!


#4- Mitch Lim Yong Tat

#5- Dylan Chua Yee Kiat

#6- Yap Teng Suan

#7- Ng Zheng Qin

#8- Tan Jun (Vice-captain)

#9- Johrathon Cheok Er Wen (Captain)

#10- Fan Yi Heng

#11- Ong Sze Chuan

#12- Loh Wan Yuan

#13- Darryl Lee Yi Kai

#14- Tan Aik

#15- Yeo Wen Jie



Basics of the game:

Game play

The match is split into 4 quarters of 10 minutes each. Each team comprises 12 players, but only 5 will be on court at any one time. The aim of the game is to try to score as many points as possible. The team with more points wins.


Scoring system

1 point is awarded when a goal scored is from free throw. Free throws are awarded to a team according to some formats involving the number of fouls committed in a half and/or the type of foul committed. Fouling a shooter always results in two or three free throws being awarded the shooter, depending upon where he was when he shot. If he was beyond the three-point line, then he gets three shots.

 2 points are awarded when the team scores within the 3 point line.

3 points are awarded when the team scores beyond the boundary marked out by the 3 point line.



Offense: The team with the ball

Defense: The team without the ball. They try to steal the ball, contest shots, steal and deflect passes, and garner rebounds.


On to the game!

Quarter 1

Soon after the game started, Darryl scored a superb three pointer to give HCI the lead at 3-0! Our boys subsequently extended our lead to 7-3. Following that, a spectacular scoring spree by Wan Yuan and Sze Chuan garnered 8 more points against the strong gameplay by AJC. This brought the score to 15-9. A series of interceptions in possession by AJC closed the gap to 4 points at 16-12. Nevertheless, our boys continued to fight on and not squander their lead. A free throw shot by Teng Suan sailed through the hoop and the score thus became 17-12. However, both teams took turns to gain possession as time was ticking away, which led to a nail-biting finish. Our opponents certainly put up a great fight to conclude the quarter of 17-15, with our boys still in the lead!


Quarter 2

Our boys began this quarter with Darryl’s well-aimed shot after a series of quick and smooth passes between our boys, contributing 2 points to make the game 19-15. Thereafter, Dylan attempted a 3-pointer which went in and delighted the crowd! The score was then 23-15 in our favour. Our boys did an outstanding job, however AJC proved to be a force to be reckoned with as they managed to even the score to 25-25. This definitely motivated our team to fight hard to regain their lead, and so they did! 5 consecutive points were added to our tally, coming from Tan Jun’s free throw, and Dylan and Teng Suan’s hoops. With the score now at 30-25, AJC were on the offense as they closed the gap to 32-29.Throughout the quarter, fierce competition lasted between the two teams! It was extremely commendable as well that our boys managed to cope with the pressure and finished the quarter well. 

Darryl successfully dodging past the AJC defence

Darryl successfully dodging past the AJC defence


Quarter 3

The third quarter of the game started, and with little time to spare, both teams displayed their eagerness to gain an edge over the other team. The first goal was a closely fought but well earned one, as Tan Jun, Johrathon and Wan Yuan did not manage to get their shots into the hoop successfully. Despite our opponents getting the upper hand of possession for a few times, our boys managed to intercept with no delay. Sze Chuan and Darryl also tried but their shots missed, adding more tension to the atmosphere! Our boys did not give up and finally, Johrathon managed to get past the AJC defence and added 2 points to the score, now at 34-29! This was definitely one of the most memorable moments of the match.

There was more excitement as well-coordinated passes were made between Tan Jun and Johrathon, and then to Darryl, who scored another 2 points. Our boys then extended our lead from 36-30 in the game with a total of 6 points by Sze Chuan, Wan Yuan and Darryl! At this point of time, both teams were extremely focused on the ball and they took turns to add points to their total. It was a near miss, when Wen Jie’s rebound at the basket was caught by Yiheng, who easily scored. The intensity of the match increased because this quarter held much importance as it leads to the decisive final quarter! At the final moments of this quarter, Dylan fired a two pointer after an aggressive tussle for the ball by both sides. The third quarter ended at 46-41 after an impressive performance by our boys.

Tan Jun attempting a pass to Darryl

Tan Jun attempting a pass to Darryl


Quarter 4

The fourth quarter was undeniably an exhilarating finish to the match. When the quarter started, our boys went all out to secure the victory. The AJC team remained strong in their defence, but this did not hinder Dylan from his attempt and he successfully scored to make the score 48-41. Soon after, Darryl also had a good shot into the hoop after his amazing dodge past several AJC players. It became even more exciting as when possession was with AJC, Wan Yuan proficiently intercepted a pass between the AJC players, then executed an skillful long pass to Johrathon. Johrathan’s experience was evident as he caught it and scored!

 Throughout the quarter, AJC proceeded to add eight consecutive points, increasing the possibility of a very close ending. The composure of our boys was the key and it helped them to maintain a lead till the end! With 40 seconds left into the game, Johrathon then sank a wonderful shot, breaking AJC’s scoring streak! This also ended the match on a high note, with a final score of 56-51 to HCI.


WELL DONE, Hwa Chong’s Basketball Boys for attaining the championship title for the ninth year running! Kudos to the team for the brave and worthy fight put up in this final match!


With love,

41st CCA PROs

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