MAD (Chinese) competed in the Singapore Youth Festival on 13 April 2017. The team has since been awarded the prestigious Certificate of Distinction. To document and capture the experiences and spirit of the team, the Students’ Council sat down for a chat with their President, Jean Chew.

1) What struggles did MAD Chinese Dance face in preparation for your SYF?

“To begin with, our dance was a rather emotional one. To pull it off well, we needed to convey the sorrow of the Hui’an women in China, which is very challenging. It is no mean feat to be able to put ourselves in the shoes of the characters and portray the myriad of emotions they experience. We had to put in many hours of practice every week to get the emotions just right. Mornings and afternoons were filled by dance practice and even background reading.”

2) Tell us more about how you managed to overcome the challenges you faced in the preparation for this competition.

“In the weeks leading up to the competition, it was physically draining, but mutual support kept us going. We ended all our practice sessions with group cheers and sharing – discussing what we could do better and the direction we were going to take moving forward. Each time we put our hands together, it felt like we were one, leaving no man behind. This team spirit in the dance troupe was beyond essential for we had to have a sense of camaraderie to be able to breathe and dance in perfect harmony on stage.”

3) What is your greatest takeaway from SYF 2017?

“Our biggest takeaway from SYF is that teamwork is the most important thing in achieving a common goal. It was through helping and trusting one another that we were able to fill one another’s gaps and steadily make progress, both technique-wise and expression-wise.”

4) Who would you like to thank in this journey?

“To our instructor 肖老师, thank you for your beautiful choreography that brought home our distinction.You never gave up on us and would without fail inspire us with your positivity and zest. For that, we are eternally grateful. To our teachers-in-charge, Mdm Liu & Ms Chen, thank you for your patience, for assisting us with all the important administrative work and taking care of our welfare. To our MAD family, thank you for all your support. Lastly, to my members, all 19 of you, we did it!!! Thank you for being family, for giving nothing less than your best, for never giving up and beating off your muscle aches and lethargy when things were tough. Really thankful that I got to end my MAD journey with all of you. It’s been an unforgettable one!😊 “

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