With the term of the 44th Students’ Council soon coming to an end, what better way to look back on the past year, than with a recap of all our 7 Working Events on HCUnite?

This week, as we aptly go back into the past, we revisit the moments of Teachers’ Day 2017: “Back T.D. Future”, which went back an even further thirty years ago; it was an important first event for us, and an even more important event for the teachers themselves.  

Join us on a ride through the DeLorean as we travel down memory lane, covering each of our Working Events every week!
Yours sincerely,
The 44th Hwa Chong Students’ Council

A line from the song,
也是深情, with lyrics about how Hwa Chongians sang their farewells to the campus after the school was forced to evacuate in 1987.

Thirty years ago, our seniors and teachers experienced the tumult of leaving the school, but came together to weather the pain; and on the 30th of August 2017, the students and teachers once again came together to relive the memories of the day.

Our concert, “Back T.D. Future”, draws inspiration from the movie “Back to the Future”.  The protagonist goes thirty years into the past and meets a younger version of his teacher, learning lessons along the way, just as we do in school from our beloved teachers.

Set in present time, we were taken back to the year 1987, by our narrators Priya and Dylan.

Strings Ensemble kickstarted the concert with the pieces “Back to the Future theme” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, easily setting the mood of the concert.

Next up was the “Hwa Chong Idol of 1987”, whose singing was rivalled only by his stage presence. Zizai’s flamboyant outfit and incredible stage presence stole the show as his powerhouse baritone voice sang his feelings to all those seated, reminiscing the “memory” of a time long past.

The tone of the event changed thereafter, as the audience basked in the pleasant, calming tunes of “Ponyo Theme” and “Akaka Falls”, enjoying the best of Guitar Ensemble.

As part of the concert games segment, students helped identify teachers through younger photographs of them, and it drew much excitement from the audience, especially the students.

The members of Taekwondo then kicked, punched and broke wooden boards in an exhilarating performance that wowed the audience.

As our narrators said their goodbyes to the Hwa Chong of old, the 44th Song ICs got into the spirit of our seniors then and sang “也是深情”, a SODACHE piece written during and dedicated to Hwa Chong Junior College following the closure of the campus. It was a bittersweet moment for many in the audience, especially those who understood the history behind the song, and those who had personally been affected by the event all those years ago.

To mark the beginning of a new era in Hwa Chong, signalling the move back to the campus, the new teachers joining the Hwa Chong family put up a great performance about the everyday struggles of being a teacher.

Hwa Chong’s own diva, Celeste Ow, next took the stage to express the gratitude from the student population, singing “You Raise Me Up” to pay tribute to our teachers.

Teachers are equally diverse as us students, and each possesses their own flair. The Wacky Teacher Awards thus recognises the Most Youthful, Most Ingenious, Best Dressed, Most Positive & Tough Love teachers, as voted in by the students. Congratulations to our teachers – Ms Eileen Tan, Mr Gilbert Ng, Mr Ray Cheong, Mr Lee Gah Hung and Mr Ken Yeow as recipients of these awards!

Following that, the Outstanding Research Mentor Award was presented to Dr Sandra Tan, an award that recognises teachers for mentoring students throughout a science research project.

Thereafter, the Florentina Widodo and Most Caring Teacher Award were presented. Congratulations to our recipient of the Florentina Widodo Award, Mr Teo Kay Liang Alan, an award that recognises young teachers who exemplify desirable traits as a Hwa Chong educator.

Also, congratulations to the winners of the Most Caring Teacher Award, Mr Low Juay Kiang Alvin, Ms Chua Hui Ying Grace and Ms Tan-Leow Siew Li Joey as well!

The recipients of the Most Caring Teachers Award

That marked the end of Teachers’ Day 2017, of the concert and celebrations. We thank our teachers for all the work they put in for us, and sincerely hope that they have enjoyed themselves on such a special day.

The Teachers’ Day Committee is also extremely grateful for the opportunity to have organised such a special occasion for all our teachers – the stars of the show!

We would also like to express our gratitude to PA/AVA for manning the concert, and the Photographic Society for the images taken.

Presenting to you, the 44th Students’ Council and Teachers’ Day Committee

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