2017 ended with the biggest change to the Hwa Chong Students’ Council staple of school events – a complete redesign of Senior Promenade, all for a night of fun, laughter, and wonderful memories for our graduating seniors.

Senior Promenade 2017 centered on two core ideas –  friendship and a casual setting. Held at the Flower Field Hall, Gardens by the Bay, our seniors were treated to a wide spread of food, mesmerising performances and the sweet scent of flora and fauna, courtesy of the complimentary entry to the Flower Dome.

The night began with a masterpiece by the Hwa Chong Symphonic Band, giving the venue a light-hearted mood which was amplified by the stunning cascade of LED lights overhead. There was something special about the experience that made it picture-worthy, prompting a never-ending snake-like queue over at the photobooth., and a constant stream of Instagram posts that evening of the picturesque Christmas decorations in the Flower Dome. Even something as simple, yet sincere as receiving flowers from friends or juniors at the flower booth could bring smiles to many faces that night.

Eager to entertain, passionate performers such as Amanda & Shaowei, Hwa Chong MAD, Classified and Royal Blood stormed the stage. It was then that all eyes were on them, completely dazzled. It was surely fair to say that they took everyone’s breath away!

Prom was not everything about dancing or singing. Our seniors were also engaged in-between the shows, sharing a good laugh over the antics of batchmates vying for the titles of Most Humorous and BFFs. It was simply entertaining and definitely a jolly moment for all.

If there is a way to end off the 2 short, albeit memorable years in Junior College with a bang, it will be to immerse in the SoDaChe experience all over again. A tradition passed down by our seniors, SoDaChe was once again the highlight of the night. Songs were sung and dances were executed, prompting seniors to link up with one another while joining in the fun.

Except there was a tinge of nostalgia behind every verse and action.

As the night draws to a close, warm hugs were exchanged along with goodbyes. Then again, our seniors lingered still, taking the opportunity to capture every moment of this very last night together as a batch.

Having pioneered this change, the 44th HCSC would like to thank all parties who have helped us in one way or another, for your invaluable support to make this event a huge success. We are extremely happy that our seniors have enjoyed themselves at the event, and we promise to come up with new and refreshing ideas to make your school life a much more enjoyable one.

The story’s been written, and it is now up to our juniors to carry on this legacy.

Till next time,

44th HCSC



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